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SLU Community Engagement Inventory

Bridges to Shaw: Education and Outreach Greenhouse

Description: The aim of the Urban Outreach Greenhouse is to create a nationally visible demonstration facility for year-round, sustainable, urban agriculture that instills an appreciation of the processes of nature, broadens education of nearby elementary-school students, optimizes technology to share its programs remotely throughout the region, particularly with underserved schools, and offers nutritious produce.

Community Partnerships:

  • City Garden Montessori School
  • Mullanphy Botanical Garden School
  • St. Margaret of Scotland School
  • The Green House Venture

Primary SLU Contact: Donald Stump, stump@slu.edu

Collaborator(s): Ann Rule, Timothy Eichler, Retha Meier, Mildred Mattfeldt-Bemen, John Woolschlager, Jack Fishman, Kelley Belina, Allison Miller, Richard Colignon, Robert Wood, Elena Bray Speth, Gerardo Camillo

Website: urbanproject.slu.edu/

Categories: Adult Education, Community Gardens and Urban Farming, Education, Entrepreneurship, Environment, Health, Hunger and Access to Food, Infrastructure, K-12, Multicultural Efforts, Nutrition, Science and Technology

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