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Return to Rail: Issues in Future U.S. Rail Transportation (14-part video course)

Description: The series of fourteen professionally filmed lectures, by national experts covers the benefits of future investment in passenger and freight rail transportation and the challenges it faces in law and politics. Topics include environmental sustainability, economic development, urban planning, and technological innovation.

Community Partnerships:

  • HEC-TV

Primary SLU Contact: James Scott, scottjf@slu.edu

Collaborator(s): Donald Stump, John Woolschlager, Kenneth Warren, David Crossley, Monica Eppinger, Dana Malkus, Yvette Liebsman, Peter Salsich

Website: urbanproject.slu.edu/UPRail.html

Categories: Adult Education, Business, Capacity Building, Economic Development, Education, Entrepreneurship, Infrastructure, Policy and Advocacy, Science and Technology

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