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The Urban Project

Description: The Urban Project, is a grassroots collaboration of seventeen academic units at the University to do joint recruiting and carry out funded research in urban problems. Its mission is to foster collaboration among the various disciplines required to solve major urban problems and to alleviate urban poverty in the spirit of the Gospels. The project is committed to leadership in the discovery and dissemination of knowledge and skills necessary to transform cities for the future so that they are more just, sustainable, and harmonious with God's creation and are better able to promote human flourishing for all their residents.

Community Partnerships:

  • HEC-TV
  • The Green House Venture

Primary SLU Contact: Donald Stump, stump@slu.edu

Collaborator(s): Richard Colignon, Stuart Slavin, Darcell Scharff, Rubic Garabagi, Riyadh Hindi, Mildred Mattfeldt-Bemen, Robert Wood, Karen Barney, John Woolschlager,

Website: urbanproject.slu.edu

Categories: Adult Education, Business, Capacity Building, Economic Development, Education, Entrepreneurship, Environment, Infrastructure, Policy and Advocacy, Science and Technology

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