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SLU Community Engagement Inventory

Lewis Weir Pumps Industrial Hygiene Survey

2015 St. Louis Summer Transportation Institute

Adapting perennial crops for climate change: Graft transmissible effects of rootstocks on grapevine shoots

Adventures in Medicine and Science (AIMS) Program

Allsup Summer Entrepreneurship Academy - Center for Entrepreneurship

Alumni Advisory Board, School for Professional Studies

Atlas Event: Reflections on Community, Partnerships, and North Saint Louis

Bee Diversity Across a Range of Social and Economic Neighborhoods in St. Louis

Billiken BEAMS (Building Engineering Awareness in Metro Saint Louis Schools)

Boy Scout Chemistry Merit Badge Clinic

Bridges to Shaw: Education and Outreach Greenhouse

Camp Invention

Capstone Class EOH 590 Audit of Industrial Facility

Chemistry Lessons at North Campus

Chemistry Research Internship Program for Economically Disadvantaged High School Students

Child Abuse Prevention Program (CAPP)

City of St. Louis Economic Incentives Evaluation

Claver House

Coleman Fellows Program

Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience

Community Engagement Project with the Organization for Black Struggle (OBS)

Community Wellness Project

Computer Information Systems and Workforce Center Advisor Board, School for Professional Studies

Diversity and diversification in North American grapevines (Vitis riparia and V. rupestris)

Drumming Day at Ackerman Elementary School

Ecological Places in Cities (EPIC)

Emergency Personnel Immunization Quest (EPIQ)

Energy and Air Quality Improvement in Low to Moderate Income Neighborhoods

Engineers Without Borders

EnTeam Research Project

Entrepreneurship and Community Development Clinic, BEGIN New Venture Center Project

Entrepreneurship and Community Development Clinic, Habitat for Humanity Project

Entrepreneurship and Community Development Clinic, Trademark Pilot Project

Entrepreneurship and Community Development Intellectual Property Project

Entrepreneurship Community Events - Center for Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Undergraduate Competitions - Center for Entrepreneurship

Executive Advisory Board, School for Professional Studies

Expanding Your Horizons

Ferguson Commission

Financial Advice for Let's Start

Frontenac Resident Survey

Gateway Venture Management Service

Geographic patterns of genetic variation in threatened Mascarene Diospyros (Ebenaceae)

Global Inventory and Systematic Evaluation of Perennial Grain, Legume, and Oilseed Species for Pre-Breeding and Domestication.

Habitat for Neighborhood Business

Harris Stowe-SLU Summer Internship Program in Pharmacology and Physiology

Head Start Financial Capability Project

Hospitality Industry Advisory Board, School of Professional Studies

Hospitality SLUnited

Immigration Projects

Independent Youth's TrepStart Day

Interprofessional Community Practicum Experience (IPE4900)

Legal Strategies for Startups

Madagascar Conservation Program

Men on the Move

Mercy Strategic Planning and Community Health Assessment

Micah Program

Missouri Area Health Education Centers (MAHEC) - East Central Missouri (ECMO)

Missouri Civic Health Index Partnership

Missouri House of Representatives Joint Interim Committee on St Louis Metro Governance and Taxation

National Chemistry Week Celebration

NCCJ-StL Partnership

NFTE BizCamps

North St. Louis Immersion Trip

North St. Louis Initiative

ONE Campaign at Saint Louis University

Parks College Engineering and Aviation Summer Academy

People Analytics Project

Philip and Sima K. Needleman Endowed Doctoral Fellowship in Plant Conservation Genetics

Prediction of Weather-Related Electric Power Outages in Eastern Missouri

Prevention Research Center

Project Interface

Public Deliberations about Patient Centered Outcomes Research Priorities

Return to Rail: Issues in Future U.S. Rail Transportation (14-part video course)

Road Salt Contamination in Shallow Groundwater

Saint Louis Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Consortium (SLEEC Consortium)

Saint Louis University Law School Entrepreneurship and Community Development Clinic

Security and Strategic Intelligence Industry Advisory Board, School for Professional Studies

Service Dialogues

Service Leadership Program (John Cook School of Business)

SLU Teen Connection Overnight

Smoking Prevention Beat the Smoking Rap

Springboard, FWS Employee Program

St Louis Health Department Interns in Environmental and Occupational Health and Epidemiology

St. Louis City Board of Health

St. Louis Effort for AIDS

St. Louis Internship Program and JCSB Service Leadership Mentoring Project

St. Louis Ozone Gardens Project

Students and Teachers as Research Scientists (STARS)

Summer At SLU

Technical Assistance to Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach

Technical Assistance to Microfinancing Partners in Africa

The Mission Continues Program Evaluation Project

The Rodney M. Coe Distinction in Community Service Program

The Urban Project

TRTLE: Teaching Research Through Laboratory Experiences

Urban League School-to-Business

Urban Strategies, FWS Employee Program

Water Quality Monitoring of Deer Creek

Weekly Innovation Challenge

Youth Learning Center, FWS Employee Program

SLU Community Engagement Locations