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DM is an on-line environment that allows users to easily assemble collections of images and texts for study, produce their own rich data, and publish digital resources for individual, group or public use. At its most basic, DM is a tool for linking media - a suite of tools that enables users with little technical expertise to mark regions of interest in manuscripts, print materials, photographs, digital texts, etc. and provide searchable annotations on these resources and the relationships among them. A user may create links between any combination of resources (images, texts, and selected regions of images or texts as marked out by a user). 

For more information about the resource, its history, and its partner projects, please see the DM Project website.

The SharedCanvas data model enables the construction of views by distributed collaborators, by annotating a shared "Canvas" resource which is then rendered using a presentation system. This allows any sort of resource to be included from different servers or repositories, for further annotations such as commentary to be added using the same underlying technologies, and to promote further additions by third parties.  Learn More




The Carolingian Canon Law project is producing a searchable, electronic rendition of major works of Carolingian canon law, in a presentation that shows their relation to other works of canon law used by Carolingian readers. This project maps the extent of variation in "standard" legal texts known to Carolingian readers, and identifies particular points of variation. In addition to clarifying the textual history of medieval canon law, the project will provide historical and bibliographic annotation of several hundred canons used by jurists before, during, and after the Carolingian period. Learn More.



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