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The Center for Digital Humanities is developing and will implement a web-based application called Tradamus. This application will assist scholars in the creation and publication of scholarly digital editions. It builds upon the CDH‘s successful transcription tool, T-PEN. Moreover, this new application is interoperable: it allows users to draw data from existing tools and resources and also expose their own scholarly editions to (future) interoperable applications.
Tradamus will assist scholars by providing tools for use in the five main editing methods in use in the scholarly editing of pre-modern texts. It will permit them to create transcriptions on the fly, import existing transcriptions of manuscripts, collate those witnesses, create the apparatus criticus and other apparatus, attach annotation or commentary (and even translations) to the edition, and assist in the proof-reading of the final product. The publishing component will support static e-editions (for both e-readers, web-pages and to assist in peer review of print publications), dynamic web-based editions and serialization of the edition using RDF technologies. Tradamus will ensure that all these tools will conform to current editorial practice though five use cases.

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