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Core Faculty

Hadi Alhorr, Associate Professor; Director, Boeing Institute of International Business

John Cook School of Business,

Research interests: global economic integration, global business strategies, regionalization, diversification strategies and environmental efforts, role of cultural difference.

Michael D. Barber, SJ, Professor

Department of Philosophy,

Research interests: phenomenology, philosophy of the social sciences, ethics, the ethical dimensions of intersubjectivity, intercultural understanding and misunderstanding.

Elizabeth Blake, Assistant Professor

Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures,

Research interests: mobility and empire studies, inter-religious tensions (particularly Catholic and Orthodox), exile and émigré cultures, the nineteenth-century novel (Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Prus, etc…), prison fortress/camp literature, interconnected networks of nineteenth-century European revolutionaries. .

Ellen Carnaghan, Professor

Department of Political Science,

Research interests: the roles citizens play in political change, how opposition groups work to develop new identities for the people they hope will become their supporters, democratization and social movements.

Monica Eppinger, Assistant Professor

School of Law,

Research interests: sovereignty and selfhood. Her main areas of expertise include property, national security, and international law.

Philip R. Gavitt, Professor

Department of History,

Research interests:  social, cultural and intellectual history of late medieval and early modern Italy, especially the history of childhood, gender history, history of science and medicine, and the history of poverty and charity.

Olubukola Gbadegesin, Assistant Professor

Department of Fine and Performing Arts,

Research interests: Aesthetic and political parallels in late 18th c. portrait photography in colonial West Africa and Antebellum US; transnational negotiations of contemporary artists of African descent in the diaspora.

Judith L. Gibbons, Professor Emerita

Department of Psychology,

Research interests: cross-cultural and cross-national studies of the developmental psychology of gender and adolescents, intercountry adoption.

Claire Gilbert, Assistant Professor

Department of History,

Research interests: Early Modern Iberian Worlds, Mediterranean Studies, Social History of Language, History of Translation and Translators.

Torrie Hester, Assistant Professor

Department of History,

Research interests: immigration and region, race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, as well as law and foreign policy during the late nineteenth and the early twentieth centuries.

Kevin Ingram, Professor, Madrid Campus

Department of History, Madrid Campus,

Research interests: history of the Jews in Spain, converso and morisco studies, the golden age of Spain, and Spanish humanism.

Claudia Karagoz, Assistant Professor

Department of Modern and Classical Languages,

Research interests: Sicilian culture and society; Mediterranean cross-cultural encounters in Sicily; migration and intercultural dialog in contemporary Italy; Italian women’s and gender studies; Italian and U.S. gender theory.

Nori Katagiri, Assistant Professor

Department of Political Science,

Research interests: international security, terrorism, counterinsurgency, East Asia, Japan, US foreign policy.

Pauline C. Lee, Assistant Professor

Department of Theological Studies,

Ancient Chinese Thought; 16th-19th century Chinese Thought; Confucian Thought; Daoism; Comparative Ethics; Comparative Religions; Play; Children and Childhood; Li Zhi; Women in China; Conceptions of Fertility, Motherhood, and Marriage; Chinese Feminisms; Space and Place; Authenticity; East-West Intercultural Dialogue.

Julia R. Lieberman, Professor

Department of Modern and Classical Languages,

Research interests: Family life, women and children in Western Sephardi communities: Amsterdam, Hamburg, London in the early modern period.

Filippo Marsili, Assistant Professor

Department of History,

Research interests: Early China, nomadic cultures of Central Asia, ancient Mediterranean civilizations, historiography, metaphysics, and power, comparative religion, inter-cultural and inter-religious dialogue.

Hisako Matsuo, Professor

Department of Sociology and Anthropology,

Research interests:  inequality (gender, race, and class), immigration, migration of organizations and people across borders, refugees and their cross-cultural adaptation, and Americans' attitude toward immigrants.

David T. Murphy, Professor

Department of Modern and Classical Languages,

Research interests: Russian linguistics, Old Russian architecture and painting, comparative Slavic morphology, Old Czech literature, Czech and Polish languages

George O. Ndege, Associate Professor

Department of History,

Research interests: history of health and society in Africa. Most recently he examined the complex interlacing of the past and present political, economic, and social formations.

Bruce T. O'Neill, Assistant Professor

Department of Sociology and Anthropology,

Research interests: Cultural and Social Anthropology, Urban Anthropology.

Charles H. Parker, Professor and Chair of the Department

Department of History,

Research interests: Religions and cultural history of modern Europe with particular emphasis on the Low Countries.

Jean-Louis Pautrot, Professor

Department of Modern and Classical Languages,

Research interests: 20th and 21st c. French literature, cinema, and culture; Interrelations of France and the U.S. (literature, cinema, arts, general culture); Cultural differences in historical perspective.

Jeff A. Redding, Associate Professor

School of Law,

Research interests: Comparative Law, Religion and Law, Family Law.

G. John Renard, Professor

Department of Theology,

Research interests: Medieval Arabic and Persian religious texts, art and architecture, comparative theology and the history of Sufism, courses in Islam, history of religion.

Michal Jan Rozbicki, Professor

Department of History,

Research interests: cultural history of early modern America; relations between culture, power, and liberty; colonization; theory of interculturality.

Daniel L. Schlafly, Jr., Professor

Department of History,

Research interests: interdisciplinary and cross-cultural studies in the context of Russian, Central, and Western European history, plus languages, literature, economics, religion, and political science.

Karla Danette Scott, Associate Professor

Department of Communication,

Research interests: Language, race, identity and culture; Black women's communicative practices; Culture and health in African American communities.

Nitish Singh, Associate Professor

John Cook School of Business,

Research interests: international business, marketing, web globalization, global branding, sustainability.

Katrina Thompson, Associate Professor

Department of History,

Research interests: interplay between race, gender, and popular culture in nineteenth and twentieth century North America.

Joya Uraizee, Associate Professor

Department of English,

Research interests: Currently she is working on a book length analysis of the aesthetics and politics of representing the voices of child soldiers in memoirs, fiction, and film.

Emmanuel Uwalaka, Associate Professor

Department of Political Science,

Research interests:  international relations, comparative government and politics, and research methods.

Anders Walker, Lillie Myers Professor

School of Law,

Research interests: intersections between constitutional law, criminal law, and legal history.

Lisa M. Willoughby, Assistant Professor

Department of Communication,

Research interests: Cognition with special interests in memory functioning in older adults; the psychosocial well-being, health concerns, and the health care experience of older immigrants in the U.S.

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Affiliated Faculty

Semahagn Gashu Abebe, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow,

Irish Centre for Human Rights, Galway, Ireland

Ph.D. candidate, School of Law, University of Gottingen, Germany

Research Interests: Cultural Rights, Human Rights, Constitutional Law, African Laws, Federalism and the accommodation of diversity, African Studies. He has taught at Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia.

Joseph R. Allen, Professor of Chinese Literature and Cultural Studies,

Asian Languages and Literatures, University of Minnesota

Research interests: Classical Chinese literature and culture, as well as modern Chinese language. Recent research has included semiotics of urban space (Taipei, Taiwan), Japanese colonial photography, and translation studies.

William Childers, Associate Professor,

Department of Spanish, Brooklyn College and the CUNY Graduate Center

Research interests: The Moriscos, descendants of forcibly converted Muslims, in sixteenth-century Spain. He is particularly interested in how state power stigmatized their cultural difference and marginalized them, at the same time as a less polarized intercultural dialogue took place, contributing to the successful integration of at least a substantial minority within the minority.

Christopher S. Collins, S.J., Assistant Professor,

Department of Theological Studies, Director of Catholic Studies Program, Saint Louis University

Research interests: Systematic Theology.

Nuria Fernandez, Researcher,

Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain

Research interests: Media representations of women, political communication.

Benjamin John Hebblethwaite, Assistant Professor in Languages, Literatures and Cultures,

University of Florida

Research Interests: The languages and cultures of Haiti, the Haitian diaspora, and France. He writes on Language Policy, Bilingualism, Morphosyntax, and Literacy. He has published several books that include Haitian Creole texts alongside English and French; for example, Vodou Songs in Haitian Creole and English (2012), Yon sezonmatchyavel/Une saison en enfer [Arthur Rimbaud's prose poem] (2011). In addition to directing the NEH-funded Vodou Archive Digital Library, he is also working on The Bilingual Dictionary of French Rap.

Rev. Paul V. Kollman, Associate Professor,

Department of Theology; Executive Director, Center for Social Concerns (CSC)

Research interests: History of Christianity and World Religions/World Church, with a focus on African Christianity, mission history, and world Christianity. Has carried out research in Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. He has also taught at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago and the Philosophy Centre in Jinja, Uganda, and was previously a fellow of the Erasmus Institute at Notre Dame and a Lilly Fellow for Theological Education at the University of Chicago.

Jelte Olthof, Assistant Professor,

University of Groningen in the Netherlands

Research interests: Antebellum United States history from a rhetorical and constitutional point of view. He is currently finishing his PhD-thesis on rhetorical construction of "we the people" in United States constitutional debates from 1765 to 1865.

Tatyana Permyakova, Professor,

Department of Foreign Languages, Higher School of Economics, Perm, Russia

Research interests: Intercultural Communication Theory, discourse analysis with emphasis on EFL and ELT situations, tourism, professional and business communication, translation, and English for Specific Purposes.

Christine Skwiot, Assistant Professor,

Department of of History, Georgia State University

Director of the Program in World History and Cultures

Research interests: Race, nation, and empire, with particular interests in U.S. imperialism in national, comparative, and world history and in cross-cultural relations among Europeans, U.S. Americans, and Hawaiians in the revolutionary era.

Gretchen Starr-LeBeau, Associate Professor,

University of Kentucky

Research interests: Relations between Christians, Jews, and Jewish converts, particularly through the mechanism of the early modern Inquisition. This research is also regionally comparative, examining communities in Venice, Spain, Portugal, and the New World.

Thomas Worcester, S.J., Professor,

Department of History, College of the Holy Cross

Research interests: Early modern Catholicism and visual culture; France and New France; Jesuits and the development of global consciousness; the papacy vs. nationalism. Editor of the Cambridge Encyclopedia of the Jesuits (in progress, under contract with Cambridge University Press).

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Visiting Scholars

Ling Wang

Visiting Scholar

Center for Global Citizenship, Suite 124 F

phone: 314-977-5811

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Mary Petri Bokern

Administrative Assistant

Center for Global Citizenship, Suite 124 E

phone: 314-977-2690 

fax: 314-977-6915

Cho-Chien Feng

Student Assistant

Center for Global Citizenship, Suite 124 E

phone: 314-977-5811

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