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The Center offers a graduate concentration in Medieval Studies which allows students enrolled in Humanities graduate degree programs to acquire an interdisciplinary understanding of their chosen fields.  The Medieval Studies Concentration helps to broaden the student's intellectual vista, exposing him or her to the methodologies, practices, and perspectives of other allied disciplines.  In addition, the Medieval Studies Concentration can provide a powerful advantage to students as they pursue additional studies or professional positions.

Required Courses
All students must take MR-A500 Intellectual Foundations of the Medieval World, which is offered every Fall semester.  In addition, students must complete six hours of graduate course work in disciplines other than their own.  Students should enroll in these courses under the MR crosslisted rubric.


Course Descriptions
MR-A500 Intellectual Foundations of the Medieval World (3) An examination and exploration of scholarly investigations into the intellectual, cultural, historical, diplomatic, educational, and religious life of the Medieval world.  Students will receive instruction from an array of faculty experts who will introduce to them their respective disciplines.  They will emerge with a better understanding of and appreciation for the diverse tools and approaches used by scholars to investigate the Medieval past.

Graduate students who wish to enroll in the Medieval Studies Concentration program should obtain a petition form in the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies Office (Humanities Building 140).