Saint Louis University

Graduate Concentration in Medieval Studies

The Center offers a graduate concentration in Medieval Studies which allows students enrolled in Humanities graduate degree programs to acquire an interdisciplinary understanding of their chosen fields.  The Medieval Studies Concentration helps to broaden the student's intellectual vista, exposing him or her to the methodologies, practices, and perspectives of other allied disciplines.  In addition, the Medieval Studies Concentration can provide a powerful advantage to students as they pursue additional studies or professional positions.

Required Courses
All students must take MR-A500 Intellectual Foundations of the Medieval World, which is offered every Fall semester.  In addition, students must complete six hours of graduate course work in disciplines other than their own.  Students should enroll in these courses under the MR crosslisted rubric.


Course Descriptions
MR-A500 Intellectual Foundations of the Medieval World (3) An examination and exploration of scholarly investigations into the intellectual, cultural, historical, diplomatic, educational, and religious life of the Medieval world.  Students will receive instruction from an array of faculty experts who will introduce to them their respective disciplines.  They will emerge with a better understanding of and appreciation for the diverse tools and approaches used by scholars to investigate the Medieval past.

Graduate students who wish to enroll in the Medieval Studies Concentration program should obtain a petition form in the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies Office (Humanities Building 140).

Undergraduate Minor in Medieval Studies

Program Description: The certificate calls for a total of 21 hours of undergraduate credit, consisting of a one-credit introductory course, a three-credit Latin component, five three-credit courses in various disciplines, and a two-credit capstone course. In schematic display, the requirements are as follows:


MDRN-A200 Introduction to Medieval Studies 1 credit
LATN-A210 Intermediate Latin (or higher) 3 credits
One three-credit course chosen from each of five of the following six disciplines (15 credits in all):
ARTH-XXX Medieval Art History 3 credits
XXXX-XXX Medieval Literature 3 credits
HIST-XXX Medieval History 3 credits
PHIL-XXX Medieval Philosophy 3 credits
POLS-XXX Medieval Political Science 3 credits
THEO-XXX Medieval Theology  
15 credits
MDRN-400 Medieval Synthesis 2 credits
Total: 21 credits
MDRN-200: Introduction to Medieval Studies is a one-credit course in which the student will attend a variety of lectures by mediveval scholars in different disciplines.
Latin Language:
Competence in Latin through the intermediate level is required of all candidates.
LATN-210: Intermediate Latin offered every Fall
LATN-410: Introduction to Post-Classical Latin offered every other Fall
LATN-411: Medieval Latin Readings I offered every other Spring
LATN-412: Medieval Latin Readings II offered every other Spring
Medieval Art History:
This elective can be chosen from among the following:
ARTH-240: Medieval Art Survey offered periodically
ARTH-340: Romanesque Art offered periodically
ARTH-341: Gothic Art offered periodically
ARTH-441: Medieval Women and Art offered periodically
Medieval Literature:
This elective can be chosen from among various offerings from the departments of English and Modern and Classical Languages.
ENGL-422 to-429: A number of term-length courses on English medieval literature alternate years
SPAN-441: Spanish Literary Culture offered periodically
FREN-493: Special Topics offered occasionally
GERM-493: Special Topics offered occasionally
ITAL-493: Special Topics offered occasionally
RUSS-493: Special Topics offered occasionally
SPAN-493: Special Topics offered occasionally
Medieval History:
This elective can be chosen from among the following:
HIST-303: Byzantine History alternate years
HIST-304: The Middle Ages to 1100 alternate years
HIST-305: The Middle Ages 1100-1440 alternate years
HIST-306: The Crusades alternate years
Medieval Philosophy:
PHIL-440: History of Medieval Philosophies offered every spring
Medieval Political Science:
POLS-371: Ancient & Medieval Classics in Political Thought alternate years
Medieval Theology:
THEO-220: Special Topics/Historical Theology alternate years
THEO-320: Special Topics/Historical Theology alternate years
THEO-434: Medieval Church History alternate years
Capstone Course:
MDRN-400:  Medieval Synthesis, the proposed capstone course, offered each semester, is a 2-credit course requiring the candidate to write a research paper 35 pages in length on a medieval topic approached from an interdisciplinary point of view, written with the guidance of a member of the CMRS Affiliated Faculty.