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Medieval Studies Projects

The Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies supports and promotes a variety of scholarly projects at Saint Louis University within the fields of Medieval Studies.  These are a few.

Crusades Studies Forum -- The only one of its kind in the world, the Crusades Studies Forum at Saint Louis University is a venue for the presentation of current research, the discussion of recent scholarship, and the exploration of new directions in topics relating to the Crusades. Participants include those local to the Saint Louis region as well as distinguished scholars from across the globe. All are welcome to attend and participate in the forum.  For more information including the current schedule, visit

Kilteasheen Archaeological Excavations -- Under the direction of Dr. Thomas Finan, these excavations in Ireland are uncovering surprising new information about the lives of the medieval Irish people.  While exploring an ecclesiastical compound, Dr. Finan and his associates and students have discovered what may be the only mass grave in Ireland from the time of the Black Death.  For more information, visit 

The Center for Digital Humanities -- Among its many initiatives, the CDH produces databases of medieval texts, 3D modeling of medieval churches, and electronic catalogues of medieval art. For more information, visit

The Medieval and Renaissance Italy Prosopographical Database Project -- Housed in the Department of History, this project is working to construct a large-scale interactive database of Italian prosopography that will reveal for researchers underlying political, social, and cultural trends in the history of the important city-republics.  More information.

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