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Bestowal of the Fleur-de-lisMedieval and Renaissance Studies at Saint Louis University. Widely recognized as one of the best in the nation, the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Saint Louis University brings to life the extraordinary richness of the past. From the renowned Vatican Film Library, to the rich holdings of the Rare Book Collection; from the prestigious Crusades Studies Forum to the fascinating Medieval Ireland archaeological excavations; from the more than fifty noted scholars to the hundreds of students whom they teach, Medieval and Renaissance Studies are at the very heart of Saint Louis University.

The Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies supports and promotes all of these activities and so much more. Throughout the year the Center sponsors lectures from world-renowned experts on a host of topics related to the Medieval and Renaissance worlds. It hosts conferences that bring scholars to St. Louis to share their research and present their findings. It funds graduate students, some of the best and brightest in America, who come to Saint Louis University to complete their education and become scholars in their own right.

What does your gift to the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies support? Supporters are crucial to the Center's ability to fund and encourage a wide range of programs and initiatives in Medieval and Renaissance Studies. These include:

Professor John RenardThe Crusades Studies Forum. The only one of its kind in America, the Crusades Studies Forum provides a venue for the examination and presentation of new research into the medieval Crusades. Saint Louis University is named for a Crusader, so it is altogether fitting that it is the central hub for Crusade Studies in the western hemisphere and one of the leading programs in the world.  Support for the Crusades Studies Forum helps doctoral students conduct their research and present it on an international stage.  It also supports scholarly lectures and the International Symposium on Crusade Studies held every four years on the campus of Saint Louis University.

Academic Conferences. As an international center of Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Saint Louis University hosts numerous conferences throughout the year. In addition to the annual Manuscripta conference, the Center also supports similar gathers of scholars in all disciplines. In 2012 the Center hosted the annual convention of the oldest, largest, and most distinguished organization for Medieval Studies, the Medieval Academy of America.  In 2013 it began the Annual Symposium on Medieval and Renaissance Studies held every June.

Medieval History Students Attend a SeminarStudents. Saint Louis University attracts the best students in the world who come to work on Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Here they are trained in the languages, methodologies, and craft of their disciplines. The Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies offers undergraduate and graduate programs that guide students through the fascinating worlds of the past. It provides graduate assistantships. It supports travel to academic conferences where students can present the fruits of their research. And it assists with travel to libraries and archives in Europe, where SLU students are able to investigate firsthand the Medieval and Renaissance past.

And, of course, your support of the Center is tax deductible. 

How Can You Support the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies? 

There are three easy ways to support the Center: Online, By Phone, or By Mail.

Online.  This is the easiest.  Simply use our secure online form and your gift will instantly be recorded.  You will also receive an immediate confirmation and letter of thanks.  If you would like to designate your gift for a specific activity of the Center, you can include that information in the online form.

By Phone.  Call the Center office at 314-977-7180 during normal business hours and we will be glad to take your information over the phone.

By Mail.  Checks payable to "Saint Louis University" can be sent to the Center office at Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 3800 Lindell Blvd., St Louis, MO 63108.  If you would like to designate your gift for a specific activity, please include a letter expressing your wish..

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