Drugs and Behavior
PSY 414-01
Dr. Anch

Class Announcements last updated on Oct. 28, 2002

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Term Paper:
Information about the term paper was presented in class today (10-28-02).  Certain items on the hand-outs were stressed.  In addition, I have offered to read over your term paper, if you hand-it in at least 2 weeks prior to the due date.  Finally, as mentioned last class, successful term papers from previous years are available for sign-out.

Class Time Has Been Changed!
We will now meet from 3:05pm until 4:20pm.

Welcome to Psychopharmacology
Welcome to Psychopharmacology!  This is an upper division survey course of the effects of drugs on behavior.  In order to understand drug effects, we must understand drug action.  The first part of this course will concentrate on drug action (pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, neural structures etc.).  Our focus on drug effects will presuppose knowledge of the drug action previously discussed.

The course will also address certain issues related to the social dimension of drugs.  However, this will be relegated to reflection papers from your readings in Drugs, Society, and Behavior and will not appear on exams.  While lectures and exams will not focus on the social domain of drugs, your debates can.

First, a caution-- the bulk of the assignments are due toward the end of the semester, but that does not mean that the bulk of the work should be done then.  Get started early!

Second-- I am always available to discuss your progress in the course.  However, please do not approach me before class, since I have a number of materials to prepare prior to class.  You are welcome to see me after class, during office hours, or you can contact me (e-mail, phone, or after class) to set-up an appointment.

Finally, this is a rigorous and demanding course.  Although the course only assumes that those taking this course have a basic knowledge of brain and behavior (such as you should have covered in Introductory Psychology or high school Biology), those who do have a background in Biology and sciences will have a definite advantage.

I wish you every success in the coming months and look forward to presenting and interesting and challenging course.  I am always open to feedback and ways of improving the course and, so, would welcome your comments.  Good luck!

Possible Topics for the Great Debates:
Below you will find possible topics that you can choose for the Great Debates.  These are only examples; you can choose your own after running it by me.  However, remember, the topic has to be acceptable to your opponents:

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Notes for the Entire Semester Available in BMC:
All of the slides for the semester are bound and available. I STRONGLY ADVISE YOU TO PURCHASE THE NOTES!  The notes (slides) are available at the ONE STOP MAILING in the basement of BMC.  They are nicely bound and will cost about $15-20 (6c/page).

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