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Student Generated Questions (Fall 1996)

Summer Session Part I. Student Generated Questions (1997)

    1. What actually opens the ion channel in a metabotropic complex?
    2. If a drug has pKa of 5, it will most likely be dissolved in
    3. Competition between two drugs for one receptor site is an example of
    4. What is the major organ of metabolism?
    5. The overall charge inside the cell is
    6. A drug with a pH of 2 will be absorbed in:
    7. Slow blood flow will allow for:
    8. A drug with a TR (Therapeutic Ratio) of 200 is safe
    9. The major metabolic process(es) is(are):
    10. Tachyphylaxis is: a. A decreased sensitivity to a drug over a long period of time b. A dependency on a drug after long term abuse c. Tolerance to one drug as a result in the tolerance of another d. A decreased sensitivity to a drug over a very short period of time*
    11. When complex chemical compounds are broken down into simpler ones, the process is called
    12. Which of these tissues is notone of the three most active involved in excretion?
    13. In the metabolic pathway for the manufactured catecholamine neurotransmitter's diagram, what is the chemical that links tyrosine and L-Dopa?
    14. b. tyrosine decarboxylase*
      c. DNMT
    15. Name at least three things that endorphins are involved with
    16. An agonist is something that blocks the action of an antagonist.
    18. The neuronal structure where the action potential "spike" is generated is the:
    19. Which neurotransmitter functions in the neuromuscular junction and is critical for voluntary movement?
    20. In terms of scheduled-controlled drugs, schedule I drugs have a ______abuse potential compared to schedule IV drugs.
    21. Enabling desrcibes methods used to benefit and assist a drug user on the path to recovery.
    22. Tolerance does'nt have anything to do with the amount drug you have use before.
    23. When sleeping we are using the parasympathetic nervous system.
    24. When using the sympathetic neurvous system we:
    25. The liver is used to metabolize, and the kidney to do the excretion of the drug.
    26. Is the environment important or relevant with drug dependence?
    27. Marijuana and alcohol use are examples of tolerance.
    28. The body cannot utilize both the parasympathetic and the sympathetic nervous systems simultaneously.
    29. Sexual climax was the example given in class for which of the following processes in the body?
    30. Animal models involving the use of levers which administer drugs and placebos have been used to measure which of the following?
    31. A person sees a needle and feels a need for heroine. In addition, she experiences withdrawal effects, even though the drug itself is not in her sight. This is an example of a conditioned drive state.
    32. List some warning signs that someone you care about may be a drug addict:
    33. Why is alcohol induced sleep not sufficient for a good night's rest?
    34. If you see a bear in the woods, which division of the nervous system would be instantly affected?
    35. List the official name of these generic drugs: alprazolam, tenormin.
    36. What triggers the body to tell it that it is time to eat?

Summer Session Part II Student Generated Questions (1997)

    1. What is the plasma half-life of caffeine?
    2. Which of the following is not a major class of the P/P/Hs?
    3. 100 proof is equal to what percent of ehtanol?
    4. What is not an example of a psychostimulant?
    5. What is not an example of a seratonin type monoamine-related P/P/H?
    6. Alcohol is the drug that is more
    7. The absortion of LSD is
    8. )Which of the following are characteristics of attention deficit disorder?
    9. The problems in drug evaluation for children include:
    10. Which is not a characterist of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?
    11. Which is the mostwidely used behaviorally active drug in the world?
    12. Which of these is not a major class of P/P/H?
    13. T/F: When talking about symptoms that a schizophrenic person may have, a positive symptom refers to - behaviors which are exagerrated and/or distorted.
    14. Which of the following is not one of the five disorders discussed in class that are often found in children?
    15. Which of the following is not characterized by a higher level of arousal?
    16. Which of the following can cause tardive dyskinesia?
    17. Concerning opiate withdrawal,
    18. True or false, nicotine has its own receptor site?
    19. Which of the following is not a symptom of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)?