Physiological Psychology

PSY 413-01 

Welcome to the sample exam question submission page!

Here students can submit sample exam questions that will be posted on the web for other students to use in studying, especially to determine what material they know and what they don't.  Click here to view the questions that have already been submitted.  To submit your own questions, simply fill out the form below and your sample question will be posted to the viewing page.

Questions must be submitted one at a time, so to submit more than one question, press "back" on your browser toolbar after one submission and you will be returned to this page where you can submit another. (You may need to press "reset" if the form still contains your old question...)

Good questions will be challenging, without being too difficult, designed to make the test taker really think about the topic yet the answer should be clear if the student is really familiar with it.  Shoot for halfway between "Where is the brian located?" and "What is the fifth word in the second paragraph on page 178?"

Exceptional questions will appear in one form or another on the real exam, so I suggest you take advantage of this by trying to come up with good questions because you will most likely know the answer by heart especially if you wrote it!!!

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The Question.

for example: "Why do birds fly?"

The Possible Answers.
    e.g.: "They think it is fun."
    e.g.: "They are filled with an organic compound containing helium, which is less dense than air."
    e.g.: "Target practice."
    e.g.: "Both a & c!"

The Right Answer:


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