Limits, Continuity, and Differentiability

This applet is designed to allow a visual exploration of the relationship between differentiability and continuity

When we say a function is continuous at x=a, we are claiming that for any height  ε > 0, we can find a width δ so that a box centered at (a,f(a)) traps the function.  We then try to find values of δ for various values of ε.

When we say a function is differentiable at x=a, we are claiming that there is a slope d, and for any ε > 0, we can find a δ  0 so that a cone (bow tie) centered at the point (a,f(a)) with slope d, where the function is trapped in a cone.  We can similarly try to find δ for various values of ε.

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Mike May, S.J., 2/18/2006, Created with GeoGebra

The applet lets you drag the window and zoom in or out.
You can cahnge the exampel with the command line, using commands like "f(x) = sin(x)", "P=(2,3)", and P1=(4,3)".
Some interesting curves to examine:

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