Dividing a Segment into Equal Pieces

This applet walks through the ruler and compass construction that starts with a given segment and divides the segment into an integer number of segments of equal length.
Drag the Steps slider to see the steps of the construction. The construction assumes that the user has already worked through the construction of the line through a point perpendicular to a given line segment.
The two points, A and B, which define the line, and the given point C, can be moved to new positions by dragging.

Created by Mike May, S.J., with GeoGebra
GeoGebra is a GNUed software package for mathematics visualization.  The home for the applications is  http://www.geogebra.org.
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Last updated By Mike May, S.J., September 11, 2008.

Converted to GeoGebra 5y Mike May, S.J., May 27, 2016.