Fitting a Sin Curve to Data

This applet is designed to allow a visual exploration of the problem of fitting a sin curve to given data by setting parameters.

The points "MaxPoint" and "MinPoint" can be set by dragging.  You then manipulate the parameters "a", "b", "c", and "d" with the sliders so that the curve "f(x) = a*sin(b*(x-c))+d" has "TopPoint" equal to "MaxPoint" and "BottomPoint" equal to "MinPoint".

To change the viewing area, right-click (control-click for mac people) on the open space and choose "properties" from the context menu that pops up for "Drawing Pad".  Similarly, you can type in values for the parameters by right-clicking on points on the sliders and choosing "redefine" in the pop=up menu.

Some sets of data to look at:

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