Taylor Polynomial Approximation

An applet to look at Taylor polynomial approximation of a function f(x).  The function is in black, the Taylor polynomial is in green, and the error is in red.

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Min X = Max X = Min Y = Max Y =
  f(x) =
Degree of Approximation = , x_0 = , x_1 =

Mike May, S.J., 2/18/2006, Created with GeoGebra

The values of x_0, x_1, and n are controlled either by using the sliders in the window or by entering values in the boxes and hitting the set value button. The formula for f(x) can be changed ether by entering a value in the box or by right-clicking (command-clicking for Mac users) on the function and choosing edit.

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Last updated By Mike May, S.J., August 12, 2007.