Trig Functions Applet Worksheet

The first set of exercises look at the definitions of the trig functions, connecting the various ways that the functions can be defined.
  1. Start with the sine function.  (Click the "Show sin and cos" button.  Find all the things on the worksheet that are displayed in red.)
  2. Repeat exercise 1 with the cosine function.  (Use orange rather than red.)
  3. Now consider the tangent Function.  (Click the "Hide sin and cos" and "Show sec and tan" buttons.  The value of tangent is tan colored.  Find the corresponding line segment and value.)
  4. For the secant function we use the same triangle as the tangent function, but look at a brown side.
  5. Repeat exercise 3 with the cot function.  (Click "Show cot and csc" and appropriate "Hide ..." buttons.  Use dark blue as a color and the co-tangent line.)
  6. Repeat exercise 4 with the cos function.  (Use light blue.)
  7. As accurately as you can fill in the table below:
    Angle = theta sin(theta) cos(theta) tan(theta)
    30 degrees      
    3/2 pi radians      
    1 radian      
    45 degrees      

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