An Applet for Multivariable Visual Chain Rule

This applet looks at the chain rule in the case when a parameterized curve from R to R2 is composed with a function from R2 to R to produce a function from R to R.   The standard situation starts with a curve in the x-y plane parameterized by t, then considers z as a function of x and y. In the composition we then consider z a as a function of t.

In understanding this version of the chain rule we want to introduce a second parameter, s, so that we think of x as a function of s and y as a function of t.  The parameterized curve corresponds to the diagonal line in the s-t plane

You may find it useful to review the chain rule for functions of one variable.

The formula for the chain rule is Fromula
The applet has 4 windows, a control panel,  a Zxy window that plots z as a function of x and y, a Zst window that plots z as a function of s and t, and an "Edge and Diagonal Paths" window that shows curves together.

A Worksheet for the Chain Rule Applet for functions of two variables is available.

Things to notice:

This applet was designed as by modifying an applet from a demo by Tom Banchoff at Brown University.  It is used with permission.   Go to the Banchoff Applet Help page.

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