Help for Banchoff Applets

Controlling Windows and Variables

This page looks at issues of interest to a user of configured Banchoff Applets.  Someone wanting to create their own applets will need more information and should contact the author of this page.

The three sections of help are:
Controlling the view of graphical windows
The Control Window and the kinds of controls in that window
Functions recognized by the applet

The applets work best if the screen resolution is set to at least 1024 by 768.

When you first click the button to open an applet you will see a number of windows.  If possible, arrange then so that you can see them all at the same time.  Each applet will have a single control window, and one or more 2D-graphical windows and 3D-graphical windows.

Controlling the view of graphical windows:

2D-graphical windows have menus across the top for Tools, Plot, View, and Window. 
3D-graphical windows have an additional menu for Styles. 
We will mainly be concerned with the Tools and View menus.
Some of the applet graphs have hot spots, or point that you can click on and drag to a new point.

The Control Window and Kinds of Controls:

The control panel has six kinds of controls, expressions, variables, intervals, functions, checkboxes, and readouts, arranged in that order in the control panel. 
The values of the controls can be changed by the user. 
When you change the value of a control by typing  into a box, you need to hit return with the cursor still in the box for the change to register in the applet.

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