Java Applet Worksheet

(Written by Dr. Steve Harris)



To access Professor May's applets (based on work of Tom Banchoff):


link: Cross Section

button: Cross Section Applet


Spread the four graphs out where you can see them all, as well as the control panel.


Enter what equation you want to graph in the f(x,y) window (using Maple conventions:  x*y means xy), and adjust the x and y ranges as desired.  You have to hit return/enter in a box in order for the change to take effect.


For the surface z = x2 + y2 - x2*y2, describe how the x-slices change from y0 = -1.5 to y0 = 1.5.  For.what value of y0 is the x-slice close to being a line?


For the surface z = e^(-x2 - y2 + 4*x – 4), where does the peak occur?  (You might want to zoom out a bit.)

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Last updated By Mike May, S.J., October 7, 2004.