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Parish Resources for Adult Faith Formation

Spiritual Direction

Everyone needs a guide, a confidant, a friend, a companion at one time or another. We all need someone special at certain times. Spiritual direction remains first, foremost and always, God-oriented: both the director and directee listen to God and to God’s mysterious, ineffable ways within the directee.

The direction or guidance which a directee is seeking to discover is already within him/herself. The spiritual director assists the directee in bringing his/her inner wisdom to consciousness in order that they may find their own unique way along the journey. Spiritual direction, sometimes called spiritual companioning, offers a way of fostering emotional, psychological and spiritual growth through dialogue with each other and contributes to the deeper integration of the human person. Spiritual Direction is an excellent way to discern God's presence, and direction in one’s life. Ordinarily, spiritual direction is an ongoing process in which the director and directee discern the frequency of sessions.

College Church has several people available to serve as directors. These include Fr. Jim Costello, SJ, Mary Frigon-Milner, and Joseph Milner. For more information, please contact Joseph Milner at 314-977-7305 or Fees are negotiated with the director.

Xavier Books

Since the College Church community has a strong interest in continuing to learn and grow in faith, each fall and spring, the adult faith ministry makes available books on prayer, spirituality, and other reflection materials. These are chosen to support and encourage faith and spiritual development. Materials generally fit into 7 areas: 1) Daily reflection materials that offer a scripture, reading or prayer for each day or for the week; 2) Materials on Ignatian Spirituality; 3) Books that offer insights into prayer; 4) Materials that focus on the special liturgical seasons; 5) Materials for parents and children; 6) Resources for those who are grieving; 7) Liturgical music from the College Church Choir, the St. Louis Jesuits, or John Foley, SJ. Occasionally, titles will be highlighted in the bulletin. These materials are available at Gathering Places from late October through early Lent. We discount most prices by 10%. Any profits from these sales are used to support the faith formation of children and adults at College Church.

Audio Tape Library

Audio tapes can be a useful and valuable way to continue to learn for busy and active people. The material is available to you whenever you have time. Our audio tape lending library has a wide selection of scripture, prayer, and spirituality tapes. For more information, contact Joe Milner at 314-977-7305 or

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