Saint Louis University

May you be strengthened in your inner being with the power of the Spirit...
that Christ may dwell in your hearts... as you are being rooted and grounded in love...

Ephesians 3:16

Engaging Spirituality is a prayerful process that invites us to draw this world down into ourselves, to hold it in prayer together, and to practice living deeply.

 Are you deeply concerned about our world?
 Are you looking for wisdom about how to follow Jesus with integrity in times like these?
 Are you open to opportunities for spiritual growth?

If your answer to these questions is an enthusiastic "YES," then you may be ready for a JustFaith spiritual intensive called Engaging Spirituality.

Engaging Spirituality invites us to live our lives deeply and fully by making room for wonder, woundedness, and mystery; by listening for wisdom; by experiencing intimacy as we share our hearts. ES helps us pattern our lives around prayer, outreach, community and spiritual reading, and aims to set us loose as agents of love and healing in this broken world.



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Past Participate Testimonies

Is not one of our problems today that we have separated ourselves from the poor and the wounded and the suffering and have lost the yearning for God that comes when we are faced with the sufferings of people.
-Jean Vanier.