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From the Pastor's Desk

Fr. Dan White, S.J.



May 1, 2016

The latter half of the Easter season directs our attention toward Pentecost. We anticipate the coming of the Holy Spirit that forms the Church. Today’s Gospel helps us prepare by revealing the Spirit’s work in the life of the Christian community.

Jesus reminds the disciples not to let their hearts be troubled. The Risen Lord will no longer be present in the same way, but they are not to despair. The Holy Spirit’s presence is His gift. We are unafraid for the Spirit abides with us.

Christ’s peace is what dispels our fear. This peace can be considered as completion or wholeness. There is nothing more that we need. Yes, troubles and challenges remain but the Holy Spirit enables us to live in peace. We lack for nothing.

Finally, the Spirit teaches us by reminding us. Memory is an important element of faith. We can forget who we are and our mission. The Holy Spirit calls us to remember Christ’s love for us, and His new commandment to love one another. We, as individuals and as a Church, often get into trouble when we forget. It is easy to suffer from spiritual amnesia. The Holy Spirit works constantly on our behalf to prod our memory.


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