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Fr. Dan White, S.J.



July 17, 2016:   A Note of Farewell from Fr. Quang Tran, S.J.

Before heading off to my next mission in Red Sox land--Please forgive me!--I would like to take this opportunity to give thanks for a grace-filled and joyful pastoral year at St. Francis Xavier College Church. From the moment I had my first meeting with Fr. Dan and celebrated Masses at the beautiful College Church for the first time as a newly ordained priest, I felt the warmth of your welcome and love. I knew with certainty that God wanted me here and that I was in good hands.

The enthusiasm for community, simplicity of worship, and eagerness in service at College Church have energized me in the vocation to which Christ has graciously called me. Fr. Dan’s leadership, the staff’s support, the religious communities’ example, and the parish’s dynamism made me wake up each morning wanting to be better and to be more generous.

Thank you for taking part in forming me this past year: for showing me God’s mercy and providence, God’s passion and compassion, God’s playfulness and humor. The many books we read and the many classes we attend as Jesuits in formation cannot compare to the lessons we learn from our collaborators and the people we serve.

When I received my assignment from the Provincial to come to College Church, I began praying that I wouldn’t do too much damage. I hope it worked! Thank you for your patience, and for my mistakes and shortcomings of the previous year, I ask for your forgiveness. Please keep me in your prayers and be assured of mine. We will see one another soon enough.

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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