Saint Louis University

From the Pastor's Desk

Fr. Dan White, S.J.



August 30, 2015

Saint Louis University just completed its first week of the new academic year. I am sure you have noticed the students among us once again. It is good to have the energy and enthusiasm of the young people among us. They are a wonderful and essential part of our parish.

Doing some reading for our 175th Anniversary next year, I found recently the story of SLU’s move from downtown to midtown. There was much opposition from then Archbishop Kenrick regarding St. Francis Xavier’s moving with the university. The Jesuits, however, considered this non-negotiable. Either both moved to the corner of Grand and Lindell, or nothing. Eventually, the archbishop was persuaded. Exactly how was not mentioned.

The story reminds us that our relationship has always been mutually beneficial. I believe SLU and College Church share a common mission to proclaim the Gospel. How we do that, of course, is distinct. As St. Paul says, there are many parts to the one body. Together we can achieve far more than we could alone.


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