Saint Louis University

Fr. Dan White, S.J.



July 24, 2016

Once more we find ourselves confronting horrific violence in our land. The events in Baton Rouge are only the latest in a seemingly endless cycle of vicious actions. How can we respond as a people of faith?

It is essential that whatever we do comes from our relationship with the Lord. Fr. Quang reminded us last week of the need to pause and listen to Christ before we act. This way our response comes from a fundamental encounter with God. This great task must be rooted and grounded in love.

If we are to bear good fruit for our society, we must begin in the right way. I invite everyone to use the prayer below adapted from the Archdiocese of New Orleans as a guide for us move forward.

Lord, we implore you to give us your wisdom that we may build a community founded on the values of Jesus, which give respect to the life and dignity of all people. Bless parents that they may form their children in faith. Bless and protect our youth that they may be peacemakers of our time. Give consolation to those who have lost loved ones through violence. Hear our prayer and give us the perseverance to be a voice for life and human dignity in our community.