Saint Louis University

Fr. Dan White, S.J.



September 25, 2016

Welcome to all parents and alums visiting campus this weekend. We are happy to have you with us here at Saint Francis Xavier (College) Church.

The cover of our bulletin captures a wonderful sense of change and continuity. The two photos were taken in nearly the same spot on the front steps of College Church. The black and white photo is from the mid-1950s as students leave after mandatory Friday mass. Right next to it is a photo from a few years ago as students leave the Ash Wednesday liturgy.

There are certainly some obvious differences between now and then: clothing styles, mandatory mass, and (did you notice?) female students. Yet, there are also important elements that remain the same. None more so than the fact this place remains the spiritual home of Saint Louis University. Many of the significant events that define SLU take happen in this beautiful, holy space.

This year the parish is celebrating the 175th Anniversary of our founding. Our origins come from the student chapel at the downtown site of SLU. We maintain strong connections to the institution that “birthed” us. Much has changed over the long years but that relationship remains essential. My hope and prayer is that the SLU community will always find their home here.