Saint Louis University

WHEN                                                                            WHERE
Tuesday and Wednesday mornings                                                    St. Francis Xavier (College) Church
Arrive between 8:45-9:00AM                                                               Parish Center, Lower level
First Come-First Serve                                                                        3628 Lindell Blvd
Signs in close at various times depending on number of guests

For an easy to use checklist to receive services, click here

Requirements to receive Missouri State ID Voucher*

New or Renewal: Certified copy of birth certificate, proof of residency, and social security card or print out of social security number

Replacement ID (ID is not expired): Proof of Residency and ability to recite social security number

Proof of residency Requirement: If homeless in City of St. Louis, must have a letter from a shelter or agency in the area verifying your current residency status. 

Requirements for Missouri State Birth Certificate*

Valid State Photo identification or two pieces of valid documentation that support who you are-one must be proof of residency.

Requirements for Out of State Birth Certificate*

Vary state to state. Please check with the vital records office of you state of birth to know what documents you will need to bring with you.


*Program Restrictions: 1 Missouri State ID per year. 1 birth certificate per family per lifetime. Only exception is with a referral letter from agency, school, or organization requesting multiple birth certificates. Must have referral letter and maximum received per lifetime is 4.