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What is JustFaith?
JustFaith connects your life's purpose and calling with the needs of the world around you, locally and globally. The Lord needs your hands and feet to bring about His vision for justice in the world. Throughout the program, you will focus on the Gospel's call to compassion, engagement in the life of Jesus, and exploring how the world is scarred by the domestic and global crisis called poverty. JustFaith, has been offered in nearly 2,000 parishes, churches, and organizations across the country with more than 30,000 graduates. It provides a lively and challenging format to read, view, discuss, pray, experience and be formed in community by the power of the Holy Spirit. The hope is that you and your group members will become a community and share a journey of faith and compassion that changes each other, inspires faithful witness, and transforms the world through love and service.

How is the JustFaith program structured?
All details can also be found at Small groups of 8-15 people are engaged with intriguing reading, captivating videos, and powerful group discussion, as you explore the challenges of following Jesus today. The program explores, in depth, the tradition of Catholic Social Teaching, primarily the option with the poor, that has so deeply shaped the Catholic Church. JustFaith Catholic groups meet in four phases, each with six sessions. Each session is two hours and typically meets on a week night. During each phase, groups will go on a Saturday immersion experience together, which are opportunities to engage with those living in poverty in your community. Your group may go to a local homeless shelter, but instead of serving a meal you will dine and chat with the residents. There are also two retreats during the program. Each retreat is conveniently held on a Friday evening and Saturday during the day, but do not involve an overnight stay. JustFaith Ministries recognizes how busy you are and your schedule is already packed. This program is flexible so it will fit into the group members' lives, but also involves a significant commitment in order to give you time to invest in your own spiritual journey. The group will be done meeting in seven to nine months and uses books, videos, guest speakers, discussion, prayer, retreats, and immersion experiences.


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