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Saint Francis Xavier College Church Interior The Church is visible primarily when it assembles around the Lord's table to celebrate the Eucharistic sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving. Remembering the saving work of Christ, the pilgrim people of God are united with those who have gone before, even as they attempt to be of service in the present and look beyond to the future. The whole Christian life, which begins with baptism and culminates in the communion of the Body of Christ, is epitomized by these two sacraments which serve as the pattern for the community's relationship to the neighborhood and the world around beyond, as well as for members' relationships with one another. By celebrating the sacraments of Christ's life-giving death and resurrection, we believe that we are created anew in the likeness of the God who became incarnate in order to serve.

Saint Francis Xavier College Church Baptismal Font

The church building is the community's home. Like a family home, it reflects the needs and aspirations of its builders as well as the modifications and additions of those who have followed. We leave our own mark on the building as a sign of our having been here, and in so doing we witness our respect for the past and our hopes and aspirations for the future.

Saint Francis Xavier College Church Nave We want our home to embody respect for our Catholic traditions that go back to the apostles, and pride in our own unique local history. We want our home to foster our growing awareness that when we gather around the Lord's table to celebrate the messianic banquet, we cease to be a collection of isolated individuals and become People of God called to act as Christ in the world. We ourselves become a sacrament, the Body of Christ. We want our church to affirm our respect for all that is good in our world and community, with all people of good will, and our care for the poor. We want our home to be open and inviting, a center not only for celebrations of sacramental mysteries, but also, like the great medieval churches it recalls, a place where the arts, events in the life of the University, and every authentic human value will be at home and an oasis and sign of hope to the poor and homeless.

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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