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Department of Biostatistics

We are committed to improving global health and eliminating health disparities through our teaching, research and service.

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Biostatistics provides the methodological tools for designing and conducting public health research, clinical studies, and epidemiologic investigations. Additionally, biostatistics is an important research tool for many disciplines within the public health field, so a basic understanding of the field is invaluable to anyone pursuing a degree in public health.

Our department is committed to ensuring that our graduates are well-equipped to apply the skills they have learned here to whatever work they choose to pursue after college. We provide a solid foundation in biostatistical theory and applications, exposing our students to a variety of prevention, intervention, and etiologic investigations.

Our faculty combines classroom teaching with consulting and project work, as well as personal mentoring, to give students a well-rounded learning experience.


We are involved in a variety of research activities with innovative and methodologically diverse applications. Our department also provides statistical support for a number of other departments within the college.

Our department maintains partnerships with local and state health departments, the CDC, governmental agencies, and various clinical departments. We also place great importance on interdisciplinary collaboration both within the college and the wider Saint Louis University community, as well as Washington University in St. Louis and the St. Louis Veterans' Affairs Medical Center.

These partnerships provide excellent opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience for advancing their knowledge of biostatistics and developing professional skills.


The Department of Biostatistics, as well as the entire college, is committed to improving global health and eliminating health disparities, in keeping with Saint Louis University's Jesuit mission of social justice. Our department is focused on the innovative application of statistics in public health. 


 - Bachelor of Science in Biostatistics

 - Master of Public Health in Biostatistics

 - PhD in Public Health Studies - with a concentration in Biostatistics

Department Chair

Q. John Fu, MD, PhD

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