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Dual Master of Health Administration and Juris Doctor (MHA/JD)

SLU's Health Law Program ranks No. 1 in the nation by U.S. News & World Report

Through collaboration with the SLU School of Law, accredited by the American Bar Association, the dual MHA/JD prepares highly motivated students to work in the rewarding and challenging fields of law and health administration.

This program enables graduates to approach health and legal issues in an interdisciplinary manner. This degree option opens a number of doors to its recipients including the practice of health law within large, private firms or top-level executive positions in health care organizations.

A benefit of this program is that students can obtain both degrees more quickly than if obtained separately, roughly four years compared to five. Students also are required to complete an administrative internship during the summer between their 4th and 5th semesters to complete the program requirements.

Students complete a total of 127 hours of academic work, including an internship, in order to obtain the MHA/JD degree.

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Admission Requirements

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Degree Requirements

Dual Degree Prerequisites: Students must meet the admission requirements and be admitted into both degree programs according to the processes of each of the participating academic units in order to pursue a dual degree program. Individuals may apply to the MHA degree program concurrently with application to or following admission to the School of Law; however, admission to the dual degree program is contingent upon admission to both the MHA and the JD degree programs.

MHA Prerequisites: A bachelor's degree or the equivalent from an accredited college or university that includes completion of at least one college-level course in Microeconomics with a grade of B or higher.

MHA Requirements: The MHA degree must be completed in the traditional classroom-based format and requires the completion of the traditional classroom-based format curriculum.

Exceptions to Traditional Classroom-Based Format Curriculum:
Fifteen credit-hours of advisor-approved coursework from the School of Law JD degree requirements substitute for HMP.540 Legal Aspects of Health Services Management and twelve credit-hours of advisor-approved electives.

The minimum total credit-hours required for the MHA is 60.

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