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Dual Master of Public Health and Master of Social Work

Graduates are prepared and qualified for leadership position in social service agencies and a wide range of health care settings

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Through collaboration with the School of Social Work, accredited by the Council on Social Work Education, the dual MPH/MSW prepares highly motivated students who wish to specialize in the social service aspects of public health and prepares the student for a variety of positions in the health care field.

In today's health care environment, the trend is for health care services to be community based, with an emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention. 

This integrated program requires completion of MSW degree requirements as well as the fulfillment of a complete MPH degree (42 credit-hours), which includes six credit-hours of coursework from the School of Social Work MSW degree requirements. A total of 78 credit hours are required. 

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Admission Requirements

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Degree Requirements

Dual Degree Prerequisites: Students must meet the admission requirements and be admitted into both degree programs according to the processes of each of the participating academic units in order to pursue a dual degree program. Individuals may apply to the MPH degree program concurrently with application to the School of Social Work or following their admission to the School of Social Work; however, admission to the dual degree program is contingent upon admission to both the MPH and the MSW degree programs.

MPH Public Health Practice Prerequisites: A bachelor's or master's degree in a health or related field and substantial and relevant experience equivalent to three years in public health or health care.

MSW Prerequisites: A bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with at least 24 credit-hours in liberal arts and the social sciences.

MPH Public Health Practice Requirements: The MPH requires the completion of the MPH core curriculum and concentration curriculum.

MSW Requirements: The MSW requires the completion of the MSW core curriculum and the concentration curriculum as follows:

Curriculum Requirements

MPH Public Health Practice Curriculum 

HMP.550 Health Policy;
BSDP.570 Public Health and Disasters
HMP.500 Health Care Organizations;
PUBH.562 Politics and Public Health Advocacy;
PUBH.625 Capstone in Public Health Practice; and
Three credit-hours of advisor-approved electives.

Exceptions to the MPH Core Curriculum: SWRK-820 Concentration Integrative Practice Seminar, SWRK-842 clinical practicum II and SWRK-843 Clinical Practicum III (6 total credit-hours) substitute for PUBH.594 Practice Experience in Public Health (zero credit-hours) and increases the MPH core curriculum credit-hours to 27.

The minimum total credit-hours required for the MPH is 42.

MSW Core Curriculum (30 credit-hours)

Foundation (12 credit-hours)
SWRK.702 Social Policy
SWRK.725 Human Behavior and the Social Environment
SWRK.750 Social Work Practice with Individuals, Families, and Groups
SWRK.751 Social Work Practice with Communities and Organizations
Research (6 credit-hours)
SWRK.787 Research Methods for Social Work Practice I
SWRK.788 Research Methods for Social Work Practice II
Hallmark (9 credit-hours)
PUBH.501 Mission and Practice of Global Public Health
SWRK.700 Values and Ethics in Social Work Practice
SWRK.707 Policy Practice for Social Justice
Foundation Practica (3 credit-hours)
SWRK.819 Foundation Integrative Seminar (1 credit-hour)
SWRK.841 Foundation Practicum I (2 credit-hours)

Clinical Concentration Curriculum (27 credit-hours)
SWRK.731 Fall Inter-Professional Team Seminar (0 credit)
SWRK.732 Spring Inter-Professional Team Seminar (0 credit)
SWRK.733 Advanced Clinical Social Work Practice
SWRK.734 Human Behavior and the Social Environment Part II
SWRK.820 Concentration Integrative Seminar (1 credit-hour)
SWRK.842 Clinical Practicum II (2 credit-hours)
SWRK.843 Clinical Practicum III
Fifteen credit-hours of advisor-approved social work electives.

Exceptions to the Concentration Curriculum (this the overlap of the programs)
In place of 12 credit-hours of social work electives, dual degree MPH/MSW students take:

BSH.500 Behavioral Science and Public Health
BST.500 Principles of Biostatistics
EPI.500 Principles of Epidemiology
PUBH.501 Mission and Practice of Global Public Health

The minimum total credit-hours requirement for the MSW: 57.

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