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Bachelor of Science in Health Management

A degree in health management educates students about the business side of public health and health care


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Professor Kevin Broom, PhD, discusses health management at SLU

This major gives students a foundation in Jesuit-based liberal arts, business and public policy.

Decisions made by health care executives help improve the lives of hundreds or even thousands of people every day. Students gain the knowledge and skills to help address the unique and complex challenges facing the health of communities and the health care system.

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Additional Degree Options

  • Accelerated Programs: High achieving students may apply to this selective program during their junior year of study. This accelerated program allows students to earn a B.S. in Health Management in four years and a Master of Health Administration (MHA) with just one
    additional year of study.  
  • Pre-Med Track: For students looking to go on to medical school, this specialized track combines traditional pre-med science requirements with health management courses.
  • Medical Scholars Track: Students also have the opportunity to apply for the Medical Scholars Program, an exclusive opportunity for freshman applicants who plan to attend medical school.
  • Honors Courses: For students interested in the stimulating academic experiences and intellectual challenges provided by the Honors Program, which offers Honors-level health management courses in addition to Honors core courses.

Career Opportunities
With more than 11 million jobs, health care is the largest industry and the second-largest employer in the United States. Graduates of health management programs are employed in a wide variety of settings all over the world, from small rural communities to large metropolitan areas. A few include:

  • Clinic or Hospital Administrator
  • Marketing Manager for Hospitals or Medical Practices
  • Financial Coordinator for Hospitals or Medical Practices
  • Managed Care Analyst
  • Health Information Manager
  • Health Services Manager
  • Physician

Make a Difference
Health care executives have a sense of social mission-they care about the people they work with and serve. In keeping with Saint Louis University's Jesuit tradition, our health management major places special emphasis on health care ethics and delivering compassionate health care. Students can use the skills they learn in SLU's health management major to address the unique and complex challenges currently facing the public health and health care systems.

Student Activity and Service Opportunities
SLU has a strong service-learning component. Students can embody SLU's Jesuit Mission by using the knowledge they gain in the classroom to serve others. Service learning also provides valuable field experience for health management students, allowing them to be more connected with the St. Louis community and communities around the world.

Students can work as mentors, volunteer at health service providers for underprivileged communities in St. Louis and around the globe. Each year, the college offers unique immersion trip opportunities in areas such as Puebla Mexico, Honduras and West Virginia. Students can also become members of the Public Health Club to get to know other health management students and encounter additional service, internship and leadership opportunities.

Experienced Faculty
The faculty at SLU are internationally recognized as leaders in health management. Classes for the health management major are taught by the same faculty as SLU's Master of Health Administration (M.H.A.) program, which ranks in the top ten nationally among graduate programs in health care management according to U.S. News & World Report.

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