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Lauren Arnold, PhD, MPH discusses public health at SLU

A degree in public health provides students with the skills they need to improve the health and wellness of populations and communities from an evidence-based framework, as well as address suffering related to disease, injuries and health disparities.

Students explore why some communities are healthier than others and how to improve the health of communities by addressing the role of behavior, the environment and social structures. This major is a perfect fit for those interested in service to others, health disparities and social justice.

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Additional Degree Options

  • Accelerated Program: High achieving students may apply to this competitive program during their junior year of study. This accelerated program allows students to earn a B.S. in Public Health in four years and a Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) with just one additional year of study. 
  • Pre-Med Track: Students interested in going to medical school can combine traditional pre-med requirements with public health courses.
  • Medical Scholars Track: Incoming freshman have the opportunity to apply for the Medical Scholars Program, an competitive opportunity for those who aspire to attend medical school.
  • Honors Courses: Students in the SLU Honors Program can elect to take honors sections of major and core classes.
  • Minor: Public health is an interdisciplinary field, so a minor in public health is an excellent choice for students pursuing other majors who would still like to expand their knowledge of the subject.

BSPH Learning Outcomes

BSPH 1: Demonstrate foundational knowledge of public health in relation to human cultures, history, science, and policy.

BSPH 2: Identify health characteristics, determinants, and needs across diverse populations.

BSPH 3: Recognize ways to implement evidence-based approaches to public health issues in communities.

BSPH 4: Communicate public health issues with an emphasis on social justice and the core disciplines of public health.

Career Opportunities
Career options in public health are almost limitless. Because public health encompasses many different disciplines, graduates can pursue careers that they find truly engaging. Just a few options include:

  • Health educator
  • Environmental health specialist
  • Research Assistant (non-profit, industry or academic setting)
  • Clinical research coordinator

Global Health and Study Abroad
Students in the public health major are encouraged to participate in immersion trips and study abroad. These programs help students understand the realities of difficult public health issues facing people and communities around the world. Students have the opportunity to serve in communities such as Honduras, West Virginia and Mexico, using skills they have learned at Saint Louis University. SLU also has a campus located in Madrid, Spain, where students can study abroad for a semester while taking public health classes for SLU credit.

Student Activity and Service Opportunities
SLU has a strong service-learning component. Students embody SLU's Jesuit mission by using the knowledge they gain in the classroom to serve others. Several public health courses have a service learning component, which provides valuable field experience for public health students and helps them to be more connected with the communities around them.

Students can also volunteer at health service providers for underprivileged communities and participate in university-wide service events such as Make A Difference Day. Students that become members of the Public Health Club will get to know other public health students and encounter additional service, internship and leadership opportunities.

Faculty and Research
Classes for the Public Health major are taught by the same faculty as SLU's Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) program. Our faculty have an "open door" policy and value being able to provide mentoring and other out-of-class help for students. Students also have the opportunity to interact with faculty and students across undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs. Our faculty have diverse research interests, including:

  • Maternal and child health
  • Health disparities
  • Prevention programs
  • Cancer epidemiology
  • Injury prevention

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