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Master of Public Health in Health Management and Policy

The MPH in Health Management and Policy prepares students to formulate, lead and manage solutions for the complex issues facing the health care system


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The MPH in Health Management and Policy is a management core degree with an additional emphasis on population health and health policy.

The degree is similar to the MHA degree in that it shares the same management core courses and internship process with the MHA students.

The MPH in Health Management and Policy further develops competencies and places additional emphasis on understanding and analyzing the context of health and health care and resulting implications on the population and organizations. In addition to the core management courses, students in the MPH in Health Management and Policy program can use their program electives to further tailor their program towards either more management or more population health and health policy.

Students with our MPH in Health Management and Policy choose similar careers as those with an MHA, such as working within health systems, consulting, and managed care. In addition, students with our MPH in Health Management and Policy degree also choose careers within non-governmental organizations that advocate, analyze, and help shape health care and health policy, work within all levels of government to analyze and implement health policy, and become the decision makers that determine the future course of health care and health policy.

We have a blend of international and domestic students that adds to the diversity of the program.Many of our faculty in the Department of Health Management and Policy teach in both the MHA program and the MPH in Health Management and Policy program. The MPH in Health Management and Policy program is 48 credit hours versus the 60 credit hours required for the MHA degree.

Joint Concentration Option
Students can combine two concentrations, allowing them to expand their knowledge in both areas. A joint concentration degree combines the competencies of each concentration. The joint concentration option for Health Management and Policy is:

Competency-Based Education
Competencies are student outcomes - both knowledge and skills - that are specific to the degree and to the area of study. They reflect the knowledge and skills that we strive to develop in our students and form the basis of our evaluation of each student's achievement. For the MPH, there is a set of core competencies and set of discipline-specific competencies that guide the development of the curriculum. The competency sets are developed with input from current public health practitioners, our alumni, our faculty and our students to reflect current and future needs of the profession.

Health Management and Policy Concentration Competencies

HMP 1: Leadership: Generate responses to problems, proposals, and politics in health policy and management.

HMP 2: Critical Thinking: Create policy approaches and alternatives within the contextual environment of health services delivery and public health.

HMP 3: Science and Analysis: Effectively use data and appropriate analytical methods to analyze and evaluate health politics, problems and proposals.

HMP 4: Management: Effectively work with people and develop teams to achieve goals.

HMP 5: Political and Community Development: Analyze political feasibility and impacts on key stakeholders to build community and collaborative partnerships at multiple levels (federal, state and local).

HMP 6: Communication: Effectively communicate the health politics, problems and proposals at multiple levels (federal, state and local) and to diverse, relevant stakeholders within and across organizations and communities.

Dual Degree option

Career Opportunities
SLU graduates are employed all over the nation and internationally in a wide variety of settings and positions. Some of the career paths in health management and policy include:

  • Health Policy Consultant
  • Manager in non-government organizations (NGO)
  • Health Care Manager or Administrator
  • Government Relations/Advocacy Specialist
  • Research Policy Analyst
  • Health Care Analyst

Faculty and Research
Classes for the health management major are taught by the same faculty as SLU's Master of Health Administration (MHA) program, which ranks in the top ten nationally among graduate programs in health care management according to U.S. News & World Report. Our faculty have active research in areas such as:

  • Health Disparities
  • Minority Men's Health
  • Chronic Disease Management

Admission Requirements
The field of public health and health management and policy needs people with all types of backgrounds and skill sets, so most undergraduate degrees or their equivalents are sufficient for pursuing an MPH in health management and policy.

MPH-HMP Curriculum
Students in joint concentrations will have a curriculum that varies from the one below.

MPH Core Curriculum

  • Behavioral Science and Public Health 

  • Principles of Biostatistics

  • Environmental and Occupational Health

  • Principles of Epidemiology

  • Mission and Practice of Global Public Health

  • Ethical Issues in Public Health 

  • Managerial Aspects of Public Health Practice or Management of Health Care Organizations

  • Internship/Practice Experience 

  • Special Study for Examinations

Concentration Curriculum

  • Economic Evaluation

  • Government Financing of Health Care

  • Health Economics

  • Health Policy 

  • Health Policy and Law
  • Health Care Organization

  • Concentration Electives

  • Capstone Seminar in Health Management and Policy

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