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This degree is perfect for practitioners in public health, health care and social service who have specialized knowledge in their fields and desire a greater understanding of the principles of population health and the technical skills that are the foundation of public health practice. 

Students who graduate with this degree will gain a greater understanding of the overall field of public health as they develop specific skills and enhance their administrative and leadership abilities.

Dual Degree Options

Competency-Based Education
Competencies are student outcomes - both knowledge and skills - that are specific to the degree and to the area of study. They reflect the knowledge and skills that we strive to develop in our students and form the basis of our evaluation of each student's achievement. For the MPH, there is a set of core competencies and set of discipline-specific competencies that guide the development of the curriculum. The competency sets are developed with input from current public health practitioners, our alumni, our faculty and our students to reflect current and future needs of the profession.

Public Health Practice Concentration Competencies

PRFP 1: Use an evidence-based approach to develop and analyze effective human, animal, and environmental hazard control strategies, programs and policies, taking into account legal and ethical considerations.

PRFP 2: Explain the scientific characteristics, including transmission routes and control measures, of major biological hazards that result in human and animal health risk.

PRFP 3: Generate responses to problems, proposals, and politics in health policy and management.

PRFP 4: Create policy approaches and alternatives within the contextual environment of health services delivery and public health.

Career Opportunities
SLU graduates are employed all over the nation and internationally in a wide variety of settings and positions. Some of the career paths in public health include:

  • Department of Health Administrator 
  • Public Health Consultant
  • Outreach Specialist

Faculty Research

Our faculty are internationally recognized as leaders in the field of public health and have active research in areas such as:

  • Health Communication
  • Injury Prevention
  • Health Disparities 
  • Cultural Competence
  • Equitable Access
  • Public Health Practice

Admission Requirements

MPH-Public Health Practice Curriculum
Students in joint concentrations will have a curriculum that varies from the one below.

MPH Core Curriculum

  • Behavioral Science and Public Health 

  • Principles of Biostatistics

  • Environmental and Occupational Health

  • Principles of Epidemiology

  • Mission and Practice of Global Public Health

  • Ethical Issues in Public Health 

  • Managerial Aspects of Public Health Practice

  • Internship/Practice Experience 

  • Special Study for Examinations

  • Rounds

Concentration Curriculum

  • Health Policy

  • Politics and Public Health Advocacy

  • Public Health and Disasters

  • Concentration Electives

  • Capstone in Public Health Practice

  • Health Care Organization