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Requirements for BS in Social Work

On this page you will find the curriculum requirements (below) and practicum information for the Bachelor of Science in Social Work at Saint Louis University's College for Public Health and Social Justice.

Curriculum Requirements

Minimum 120 credit hours

 Students in the Accelerated program or any other specialized track may have course requirements that vary from the courses below.

Global Health (3 credit hours)

+ Introduction to Global Health

English and Communications (12 credit hours) 

+ Advanced Strategies of Rhetoric and Research

+ Literacy Studies

+ Business and Professional Writing

+ Public Speaking

History (6 credit hours) 

+ Origins of the Modern World since 1600

+ History of the United States since 1865

Philosophy and Theology (12 credit hours) 

+ Introduction to Philosophy: Self and Reality

+ Ethics

+ Theological Foundations

+ 200-level or higher Theology course

Mathematics (3 credit hours)

+ STATS 110, MATH 126, MATH 130, Psychology 205 or Criminology 300

Natural Sciences (3 credit hours) 

+ Preferred: Human Biology-related or Environmental Science, Chem or Physics

Fine Arts (3 credit hours)

Foreign Language Courses (2 courses, 6 credit hours)

Electives (6 courses, 18 credit hours for a minor)
Social Science Courses (15 credit hours)

+ Introduction to Sociology

+ American Political System

+ Principles of Economics

+ General Psychology

+ Abnormal Psychology

Social Work Courses (39 credit hours)

+ Introduction to Social Work

+ Human Behavior and the Social Environment 

+ Human Development Through the Life Span

+ The American Social Welfare System

+ Diversity and Anti-Oppression Practice

+ Social Work Practice with Individuals

+ Social Work Practice with Families and Groups

+ Introduction to Social Work Research

+ Social Work Practice with Organizations and Communities

+ Social Work Practicum I (5 credit hours)

+ Social Work Practicum II (5 credit hours)

+ Integrative Practice Seminar I (1 credit hour)

+ Integrative Practice Seminar II (1 credit hour)

+ Senior Residency (0 credit hours)

Before registering for classes, students are required to meet with their advisors and/or faculty mentors.

BSSW Practicum

The BSSW practicum is focused on a generalist approach to social work practice. The BSSW practicum includes a two-semester experience completed during the senior year of the BSSW program in conjunction with coursework. General Requirements Pre-requisite requirements for Practicum - In addition to fulfilling course requirements, students may not be on academic probation in the semester in which the practicum is to begin. Students placed on academic probation during the semester in which the practicum is planned (spring of junior year) must be removed from probation by the beginning of the following fall semester. Students who remain on probation at the end of the spring semester have the option to attend summer school. Students who remain on probation at the end of the summer semester will not be permitted to begin the fall practicum. Students make a two-semester commitment to a practicum site for completion of SWRK 481 & SWRK 482. Each student is required to complete a total of 480 clock hours of practicum (240 hours/semester). Five credit hours are granted for the successful completion of each practicum. Each practicum requires a time commitment of 240 hours or approximately thirty (30) agency working days. The practicum is to be completed in no less than 10 weeks and no more than 20 weeks. The practicum may be completed in approximately 16 hours/week for 15 weeks in the Fall or Spring semesters. The student is required to complete a minimum of 10 hours/week at his/her practicum site. Each practicum must be requested and confirmed in the spring semester prior to the practicum beginning in the fall semester.

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