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Minor in Social Work

A minor in social work provides you with an understanding of the social work profession, the issues that social work deals with, and the values that drive the profession.

Social Work

Students considering pursuing an MSW degree will not be able to obtain Advanced Standing toward the MSW degree with a minor in social work. Only students with a Bachelor of Science in Social Work degree an obtain Advanced Standing. Please consult the Director of the BSSW Program for additional information.

(minimum 18 credit hours)

  • SWRK 1000 Introduction to Social Work (3) 
  • SWRK 2100 Human Behavior & the Social Environment I (3) or SWRK 2200 Human Behavior & the Social Environment II (3)
  • SWRK 3300 Social Work Practice with Individuals (3) 

Select any three of the following:

  • SWRK 3100 American Social Welfare System (3) 
  • SWRK 3200 Diversity and Anti-Oppression Practice (3) 
  • SWRK 3400 Social Work Practice with Families and Groups (3) 
  • SWRK 3700 Introduction to Social Work Research (3)

Contact Us:

Sandra Naeger, MSW
Director, BSSW program
Saint Louis University
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