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A degree in social work gives students the skills to improve the quality of life for individuals or communities faced with difficulties such as poverty, serious illness or disability.

Social workers seek to correct social injustices by helping their clients overcome obstacles in their lives. As a part of the College for Public Health & Social Justice, Saint Louis University's social work major is unique as students also learn the foundations of the global health care field, a growing area for social work employment.

Additional Degree Options

  • Accelerated program: High-achieving students may apply to this selective program during their junior year of study. This accelerated program allows students to earn a Bachelor of Science in Social Work in four years and a Master of Social Work (MSW) with just one additional year of study
  • Honors: For students interested in the stimulating academic experiences and intellectual challenges provided by the Honors Program, which offers Honors-level social work courses in addition to Honors core courses.
  • Minor: For those pursuing other majors who are also interested in social work, a minor in social work will give students an understanding of the profession and the core values of the field.

Career Opportunities
Graduates from SLU can look forward to careers in a wide variety of settings. Labor Department projections indicate a steady demand in social work jobs in the years ahead. Examples of areas of practice in social work include:

  • Gerontological Social Work
  • Child Welfare or Family Services
  • Mental Health Services
  • School Social Work
  • Policy Making and Advocacy

Fieldwork Practicum
SLU's social work major teaches practical social service; graduates use the skills they learn here to bring about real social change. Our curriculum includes three courses devoted to practical social work knowledge. During their senior year, students spend two semesters in a social service agency of their choice, supervised by an experienced social worker.

Study Abroad
For students interested in studying abroad, SLU has a wide variety of programs, including a campus located in Madrid, Spain, where students can study abroad while taking social work core classes for full SLU credit. Students in the social work major can also enroll in a two-week experiential course in Ghana, Mexico or India, which features concentrated study, lectures and interactions with the people of the respective country.

Student Activity and Service Opportunities
SLU has a strong service-learning component. Students can embody SLU's Jesuit mission by using the knowledge they gain in the classroom to serve others. Students can volunteer at organizations around St. Louis, and SLU collaborates with more than 250 social service agencies where students can explore different types of social work with guidance from seasoned professionals.

On campus, students can take part in university-wide service activities such as Make A Difference Day, immersion trips and spring break mission trips. Students can also participate in any of SLU's diverse student organizations, including service-oriented groups such as the Micah Program, a service-learning community; Alpha Phi Omega, a co-ed service fraternity; Campus Kitchen and Global Medical Brigades.

Faculty and Research
Classes for the Social Work major are taught by the same faculty as SLU's Master of Social Work (M.S.W.) program. Our faculty are internationally recognized as leaders in community engagement. These faculty members have diverse research interests, including:

  • Diversity issues in social work practice
  • Mental Health
  • International social work
  • Child welfare policy
  • Poverty


Undergraduate students apply through the Saint Louis University's Office of Undergraduate Admission.

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