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Information for Public Health Internship Preceptors

Preceptor Information 2015-16

Thank you for your interest in providing a practical experience to an MPH student. Your role is essential in the education of new public health practitioners and we welcome your participation and expertise. The information below is intended to give you an introduction to the MPH internship and the competencies on which our curriculum is based.Interview

Each student in the College for Public Health & Social Justice (CPHSJ) Master of Public Health program is required to complete a 320-hour internship in an approved community health setting or organization. The work may be done either full or part time, according to the needs of the sponsoring organization and the student.  An organization that provides an internship for an MPH student is chosen based on its ability to provide a supervised experience suitable for the student's area of concentration.

Whether or not the organization is strictly identified as "public health," it may be an appropriate setting for an internship if it provides opportunities for the student to meet learning goals and enhance competence in public health practice, and for the student to identify and reflect on the public health context of the work being done.  Likewise, preceptors are selected based on their overall credentials and experience in the area of the student's specialization, knowledge of population health, the student's learning goals for the practice experience and the preceptor's willingness to participate in the program.

To submit an internship for an MPH student, please choose "Internship Description Guidelines" below Other documents also are available below to explain more fully the internship process and requirements.

Internship Planning Guide (includes 3 documents below) Click HERE
Internship Description Guidelines Click HERE
Preceptor Expectations Click HERE
Competencies for the MPH Degree Click HERE








For more information or to discuss your internship opportunity, please contact:

Catherine Nolan, MPH, RN
MPH Practice Experience Coordinator

Master of Public Health Program
Saint Louis University
College for Public Health & Social Justice
3545 Lafayette Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63104

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