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The School of Social Work's field education program emphasizes preparation for practice with diverse populations and on behalf of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups in our society.

Supervised field work provides opportunities for students to develop social work skills by applying social work concepts learned in the classroom to real-life practice situations in a variety of social work settings.

The Council on Social Work Education endorses "the role of Field Education as the 'signature pedagogy' in social work education by promoting, collaborating, recommending and distributing information to social work field educators and related membership organizations."

The Office of Field Education faculty and staff work closely with students and agencies to create high quality learning experiences that enhance maximum professional growth.

The BSSW, MSW and ABA programs have specific learning outcomes that correspond to each program and concentration goals. The BSSW practicum is a two-semester experience at one agency, while the MSW and ABA practica are a mixture of one and two-semester experiences.

Field education can be a very demanding aspect of the curriculum because the student is challenged to apply the professional self to the setting and to integrate learning into practice.

The Office of Field Education is eager to make field work a memorable and significant experience in the development of each student as a social work professional.

  • Policy and procedure manual for MSW students

Information for Field Instructors and Agencies

St. Louis University School of Social Work in partnership with the Brown School of SW, UMSL and Fontbonne have created a joint field education project for field instructors and agencies in the St. Louis area. The project includes a collaborative website for field instructors and agencies, joint field instructor training and CEU events and a school of social work career fair.

Below are resources from Saint Louis University School of Social Work and the collaborative to help facilitate the application process for field instructors and agencies.

Becoming a field instructor and agency affiliate:


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  2. Final evaluation checklist and guidelines

For more information about field education, contact:
Karen Bolinger
Administrative Secretary of Field Education