Saint Louis University

Brooke N. Shadel, PhD, MPH

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Epidemiology

Brooke Shadel

Tel: (314) 256-3400


Dr. Shadel is the Associate Director for the Center for the Study of Bioterrorism and Emerging Infections at Saint Louis University School of Public Health.

Her research interests include the study of emerging and re-emerging infections. She is collaborating with investigators from other institutions in epidemiological research of drug-resistant organisms. In addition, she is the principal investigator of a National Needs Assessment to determine risk perceptions and training needs in the area of Bioterrorism and Emerging Infections of physicians, infection control practitioners, and public health workers.

She was awarded an Oak Ridge Fellowship with the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry that augmented her prior research on the incineration of dioxin and childhood lead poisoning exposure studies.


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