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College for Public Health & Social Justice Staff Directory

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Office of the Dean eMail Phone
Lauren Allen, MPA
Assistant to the Dean 314-977-3240
Barbara J. McCray
Administrative Assistant - Salus Center front desk 314-977-8122
Academic Programs and Students Services
+ Graduate Academic Programs
Maggie Adams
Program Coordinator, Master of Public Health, Health Management and Policy 314-977-8793
Amelia Blanton
Administrative Assistant, Social Work (MSW and PhD), Applied Behavior Analysis, and Criminology and Professional Practice Program 314-977-2722 
Karen Bolinger
Administrative Secretary of Field Education, School of Social Work 314-977-2724 
Larry Bommarito, MBA, MS
Program Manager, Institute for Biosecurity 314-977-8135 
Nancy Culbert
Director of Graduate Public Health Student Services 314-977-8141
Jami Curley
Director of Field Education for Social Work 314-977-2738
Kellisa Fiala
Administrative Assistant Social Work 314-977-2712
Deb Jaegers
Program Coordinator, Executive Master of Health Administration Program (EMHA) 314-977-8253
Maxine Lax
Internship Coordinator, Master of Health Administration Program (MHA) and Master of Public Health (MPH) in Health Management and Policy 314-977-8112 
Catherine Nolan
Practice Experience Coordinator, Master of Public Health Program (MPH) 314-977-8220 
Ann Stuart
Program Coordinator, Master of Public Health Program (MPH) 314-977-5162 
Carolyn Williams
Health Management and Policy Project Coordinator 314-977-8264 
Angela Wilson
Program Coordinator, PhD in Public Health Program 314-977-8206 
+ Undergraduate Academic Programs
Jackie Bernstein
Undergraduate Coordinator, Admissions for Public Health, Health Management, Emergency Management and Biostatistics 314-977-3273 
Amelia Blanton
Administrative Assistant, Social Work, Criminology, and Criminal Justice 314-977-2722 
Maggie Callon
Undergraduate Coordinator, Student Services for Public Health, Health Management, Emergency Management and Biostatistics 314-977-8210 
Natalie Floeh
Senior Academic Advisor 314-977-1983 
Kathleen Linnenbrink
Administrative Secretary for Public Health, Health Management, Emergency Management and Biostatistics 314-977-3934 
Kate O'Brien
Academic Advisor 314-977-3940 
Admissions back to top
Bernie Backer
Director of Graduate Admissions for Public Health 314-977-8144
Jessica Rollings
Graduate Admissions Assistant 314-977-6311 
Patti Mazzuca
Data Coordinator 314-977-8186 
Kristi S. Richter
Director of Graduate Admissions, School of Social Work 314-977-2752 
Business and Travel back to top
Karen Effinger
Senior Financial Coordinator 314-977-8259
Julie Flowers
Senior Financial Coordinator 314-977-4356 
Barbara L. Schafer
Travel Coordinator, Administrative Assistant-EOH, Biostatistics 314-977-8121 
Lisa Wagner
Financial Coordinator 314-977-4026 
Center for Environmental Education & Training
Diana Rupprecht
Research Assistant 314-977-8256
Communications and Digital Technologies Lab  
Christopher Casey, MPH,
Print Communications Specialist 314-977-8205
Kim Donoghue, MA
Communications Specialist 314-977-4033
Gene Carroll
Digital Technologies Lab Director 314-977-8270
Todd Luerding
Web Developer 314-977-4351
Development and Alumni Engagement
Stephanie (Garvey) Nigh
Director of Development and Alumni Engagement 314-977-8202
Maggie M. Dermody
Alumni Relations Officer 314-977-7825
Institute for Global Health and Well-Being
Director - TBD
Elizabeth Schwaab Embry, MPH
Deputy Director 314-977-4022
Aaron Lockee
Program Manager 314-977-4019
Heartland Centers back to top
Elaina Murray
Manager 314-977-8502
Scott Nyberg
Senior Interactive Coordinator  314-977-8129
Information Technology Services (ITS)
Jose Lovato
Technology Manager 314-977-3239
Todd Fallert
Technology Coordinator - Tegeler Hall 314-977-5480
Research and Grants back to top
Alexis Bruce-Staudt
Director Research Services 314-977-6314
Matthew Renaud
Grants Administrator 314-977-8280
Keri Jupka
Coordinator - Department of Behavioral Science & Health Education 314-977-4084
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