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College for Public Health & Social Justice Staff Directory

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Office of the Dean eMail Phone
Lauren Allen, MPA
Assistant to the Dean 314-977-3240
Barbara J. McCray
Administrative Assistant - Salus Center front desk 314-977-8122
Academic Programs and Students Services
+ Graduate Academic Programs
Maggie Adams
Program Coordinator, Master of Public Health, Health Management and Policy
Amelia Blanton
Administrative Assistant, Social Work (MSW and PhD), Applied Behavior Analysis, and Criminology and Professional Practice Program 314-977-2722 
Karen Bolinger
Administrative Secretary of Field Education, School of Social Work 314-977-2724 
Larry Bommarito, MBA, MS
Program Manager, Institute for Biosecurity 314-977-8135 
Nancy Culbert
Director of Graduate Public Health Student Services 314-977-8141
Jami Curley
Director of Field Education for Social Work 314-977-2738
Kellisa Fiala
Administrative Assistant Social Work 314-977-2712
Deb Jaegers
Program Coordinator, Executive Master of Health Administration Program (EMHA) 314-977-8253
Maxine Lax
Practice Experience Coordinator, Master of Health Administration Program (MHA) 314-977-8112 
Catherine Nolan
Practice Experience Coordinator, Master of Public Health Program (MPH) 314-977-8220 
Ann Stuart
Program Coordinator, Master of Public Health Program (MPH) 314-977-5162 
Carolyn Williams
Health Management and Policy Project Coordinator 314-977-8264 
Angela Wilson
Program Coordinator, PhD in Public Health Program 314-977-8206 
+ Undergraduate Academic Programs
Jackie Bernstein
Undergraduate Coordinator, Admissions for Public Health, Health Management, Emergency Management and Biostatistics 314-977-3273 
Amelia Blanton
Administrative Assistant, Social Work, Criminology, and Criminal Justice 314-977-2722 
Maggie Callon
Undergraduate Coordinator, Student Services for for Public Health, Health Management, Emergency Management and Biostatistics 314-977-8210 
Natalie Floeh
Senior Academic Advisor 314-977-1983 
Kathleen Linnenbrink
Administrative Secretary for Public Health, Health Management, Emergency Management and Biostatistics 314-977-3934 
Kate O'Brien
Academic Advisor 314-977-3940 
Admissions back to top
Bernie Backer
Director of Graduate Admissions for Public Health 314-977-8144
Jessica Rollings
Graduate Admissions Assistant
Patti Mazzuca
Data Coordinator 314-977-8186 
Kristi S. Richter
Director of Graduate Admissions, School of Social Work 314-977-2752 
Business and Travel back to top
Karen Effinger
Senior Financial Coordinator 314-977-8259
Julie Flowers
Senior Financial Coordinator 314-977-4356 
Barbara L. Schafer
Travel Coordinator, Administrative Assistant-EOH, Biostatistics 314-977-8121 
Lisa Wagner
Financial Coordinator 314-977-4026 
Center for Environmental Education & Training
Diana Rupprecht
Research Assistant 314-977-8256
Communications and Digital Technologies Lab  
Christopher Casey, MPH,
Print Communications Specialist 314-977-8205
Kim Donoghue, MA
Communications Specialist 314-977-4033
Gene Carroll
Digital Technologies Lab Director 314-977-8270
Todd Luerding
Web Developer 314-977-4351
Development and Alumni Engagement
Stephanie (Garvey) Nigh
Director of Development and Alumni Engagement 314-977-8202
Maggie M. Dermody
Alumni Relations Officer 314-977-7825
Institute for Global Health and Well-Being
Elizabeth Schwaab Embry, MPH
Director 314-977-4022
Aaron Lockee
Program Manager 314-977-4019
Heartland Centers back to top
Elaina Murray
Manager 314-977-8502
Scott Nyberg
Senior Interactive Coordinator  314-977-8129
Information Technology Services (ITS)
Jose Lovato
Technology Manager 314-977-3239
Todd Fallert
Technology Coordinator - Tegeler Hall 314-977-5480
Research and Grants back to top
Alexis Bruce-Staudt
Director Research Services
Matthew Renaud
Grants Administrator 314-977-8280
Keri Jupka
Coordinator - Department of Behavioral Science & Health Education 314-977-4084
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