Saint Louis University

Douglas A. Luke, PhD

Adjunct Professor of Biostatistics, Director, Center for Tobacco Policy Research, Professor, George Warren Brown School of Social Work, Washington University

Douglas A. Luke

Saint Louis University
College for Public Health & Social Justice


Dr. Luke's research interests include the use of innovative quantitative and qualitative analytic methods in health and social science research, with particular emphasis on multilevel modeling, cluster analysis, and network analysis. Dr. Luke has been principal investigator for CDC, NCI, and American Legacy Foundation funded studies in the areas of tobacco control and health media policy.

He currently is directing a multi-state process evaluation of the effects of funding cuts on state comprehensive tobacco control programs. He reviews for the American Journal of Community Psychology, Tobacco Control, Health Education & Behavior, and Health Psychology. He is active in the American Statistical Association, the International Network of Social Network Analysts and the Society for Community Research and Action. Dr. Luke is the current director of the Division of Biostatistics.


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