Saint Louis University

Gerald L. Hoff, PhD

Adjunct Associate Professor of Epidemiology


Research Interest: Epidemiology

Education History: Ph.D. Veterinary Science, University of Wisconsin, Madison; August 1972
M.S. Veterinary Science, University of Wisconsin, Madison; January 1970
B.S. Biology, University of Illinois, Chicago; June 1967
M.A. Management and Supervision (Public Administration), Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant; May 1981

SLU faculty since: 2011


Dr. Hoff's 39 years of experience in state and local public health agencies allowed him to work in the areas of veterinary public health, human infectious diseases, and maternal and child health. He has published more than 135 journal articles, edited four books on diseases of wildlife, contributed chapters to other wildlife disease books, was the editor of multiple public health newsletters, and authored a number community health assessment reports.

Six of the journal articles received Missouri Public Health Association Publication Awards. In 2011, Dr. Hoff retired from the Kansas City, Missouri, Health Department where he spent 33.5 years. Prior to Kansas City, Prior to Kansas City, he worked for five years at the Florida Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services. Dr. Hoff held Adjunct Associate Professor of Epidemiology appointments at the University of Kansas and at Kansas City University for Medicine and Biosciences.

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