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 Ian Mitroff


Dr. Ian Mitroff is Professor Emeritus at the Marshall School of Business and the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. He is an Adjunct Professor of Health Policy in the School of Public Health at St. Louis University, and a University Professor at Alliant International University in San Francisco. He is also a Visiting Professor at the Center for Catastrophic Risk Management at the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley.

Dr. Mitroff is the president and founder of Comprehensive Crisis Management, a private consulting firm based in Oakland, California, that specializes in the treatment of human-caused crises, and a Senior Investigator with the Center for Catastrophic Risk Management at the University of California, Berkeley.

Dr. Mitroff has published over 250 papers and articles and over 25 books on crisis management, business policy, corporate culture, contemporary media and current events, foreign Affairs and nuclear deterrence, organizational change, organizational psychology and psychiatry, the philosophy and sociology of science, public policy, scientific method, spirituality in the workplace, and strategic planning. He is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Management and the American Psychological Association. He is a member of the editorial boards of several management and social science journals.

In 1992-1993, he was President of the International Society for the Systems Sciences. In September 2000, he was awarded an Honorary Doctor's degree from the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Stockholm. In September 2006, he was awarded a gold medal by the UK Systems Society for his life-long contributions to systems thinking.

In 1986, Dr. Mitroff founded the USC Center for Crisis Management in the Graduate School of Business at the University of Southern California. Dr. Mitroff directed the Center for ten years. The principal mandate of the USC Center for Crisis Management was to study human-caused crises and develop state-of-the-art tools to better manage them. Under the direction of Dr. Mitroff and with the support of the USC Graduate School of Business and major corporations, the Center became an acknowledged national and international leader in the field of Crisis Management. Comprehensive Crisis Management was founded in 1995 by Dr. Mitroff. To find out more about Dr.Mitroff go to: