Saint Louis University

R. Gregory Evans, PhD, MPH

Professor of Environmental and Occupational Health, Professor of Epidemiology, Director of The Institute for Biosecurity and Disaster Preparedness

R. Gregory Evans, PhD

Salus Center, Room # 466
Saint Louis University
School of Public Health
Tel: (314) 977-8133


Dr. Evans is a professor of Environmental and Occupational Health and director of The Institute for Biosecurity. He is an Associate Professor of Community Medicine (Secondary Appointment) and
Associate Research Professor of Internal Medicine (Secondary Appointment).

He teaches courses in epidemiology and bioterrorism. His primary research interest is disaster preparedness with emphasis on weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

He writes in the area of WMD policy particularly addressing issues of public health and health care preparedness. He is active in a number of local, state, and national bio-defense organizations and frequently speaks on bioterrorism issues.


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