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Trent Buskirk, PhD

Adjunct Associate Professor of Biostatistics

 Michael A. Counter, PhD


Trent Buskirk, PhD is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Biostatistics with the School of Public Health at St. Louis University. He received his Ph.D. in Statistics from Arizona State University in 1999. Prior to joining the faculty at SLU-SPH, Dr. Buskirk served as a consultant and graduate faculty member of Eastern Virginia Medical School. Prior to that appointment, Dr. Buskirk served as the Director of Sampling and Statistics at the National Home Office of the American Cancer Society. While at ACS Dr. Buskirk provided statistical expertise on two national, state-registry-based samples of cancer survivors to better understand the quality of life of cancer survivors from various stages of survivorship.

Dr. Buskirk's main research foci include survey sampling statistics and survey research methods. In particular, Dr. Buskirk has research interests in the development of methodologies that can be used to visualize sample survey data. Dr. Buskirk has also developed methods for linking state and national survey data to improve estimates of lifetime drug use. Most recently, Dr. Buskirk has been developed interests in methodologies surrounding sampling mobile phones in probability samples as well as survey mode effects, in general. Dr. Buskirk has published work in a variety of methodological and applied journals including The Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, The Journal of Official Statistics, The Journal of the Royal Statistical Society (Series A), Field Methods, Cancer and Clinical Anatomy.

Currently, Dr. Buskirk is coauthoring a textbook on Principal Components and Factor Analysis. While he is not writing, consulting or teaching, you can find Dr. Buskirk spending time with his newborn baby or playing racquetball.

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