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Course Requirements for BA in Criminology and Criminal Justice

Curriculum Requirements

(Minimum 120 credit hours)
Students in specialized tracks may have course requirements that vary from the courses below

Global Health (3 credit hours)

+ Introduction to Global Health

English and Communications (9 credit hours) 

+ Advanced Strategies of Rhetoric and Research

+ Literacy Studies

+ Public Speaking

History (6 credit hours) 

+ Origins of the Modern World since 1500

+ History of the United States since 1865

Philosophy and Theology (9 credit hours) 

+ Introduction to Philosophy: Self and Reality

+ Theological Foundations

+ 200-level or higher Theology course

Mathematics (3 credit hours)

+ College Algebra or higher Math course

Natural Sciences (3 credit hours) 

+ Preferred: Human Biology-related or Environmental Science, Chem or Physics

Fine Arts (3 credit hours)

Foreign Language Courses (2 courses, 6 credit hours)

General Electives (27 credit hours)
Social Science Courses (12 credit hours)

+ Introduction to Social Work

+ Principles of Economics

+ General Psychology

+ Abnormal Psychology

Criminology and Criminal Justice Courses (18 credit hours)

+ Introduction to CCJ or Intro to CCJ/Service Learning

+ Research Methods in Criminology and Criminal Justice

+ Introduction to Criminology

+ Statistics in Criminology and Criminal Justice

+ Ethics in Criminal Justice

+ Criminal Justice Capstone

Criminal Justice Systems (6 credit hours, pick 2)*

+ Law Enforcement

+ Corrections

+ Juvenile Justice

+ Community Corrections

+ Criminal Law and Procedures

Nature of Crime (6 credit hours, pick 2)*

+ Juvenile Delinquency

+ Contemporary Theories of Crime

+ Corporate and White-Collar Crime

+ Understanding Serial Killers

+ Victimology/Victimization

+ Career Criminals

Human Justice (3 credit hours, pick 1)**

+ Multiculturalism for CJ Professionals

+ CCJ Externship/ Community Project

+ Race and Crime

+ Mental Health and Crime

Electives (6 credit hours)*

+ Criminal Justice Practicum 

+ Independent Study in CCJ

+ Criminal Investigations

+ Mentored Research in CCJ

*With the approval of the student's mentor and program director, a student may take other upper division courses in the department as electives.

**Additional courses available from African American Studies and Women's Studies.

Before registering for classes, students are required to meet with their advisors and/or faculty mentors.


Natalie Floeh
Academic Advisor, Sr.

Tegeler Hall, Suite 300W   


Kate O'Brien
Academic Advisor

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